A 647% lift in conversions on Black Friday was just scratching the surface.

The situation

On Black Friday, AT&T’s shopping universe—like the universe of every other retailer—is incredibly crowded, and it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and get noticed, even with very enticing special offers.

The solution

Instead of shouting our offer in the headline of our promotional emails, we presented consumers with two mystery offers that could only be seen by using digital scratch-off technology. And they used it in droves, scratching away with their mouses at the wrapping paper covering two onscreen gifts to reveal a $200 Samsung Reward Card and a $300 LG Reward Card from which they could choose.

The results

In a word, the results were remarkable. Not only did this email promotion create a 647% lift in conversions, it also lifted click-through-rates by 397 But most importantly, it led to our client having a very happy holiday season. Blowing your goals out of the water will do that for you.

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