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Rich Media: Fancypants

There are times in life when it pays to dress up. No, we’re not talking about that powder blue tux. (Although, hey, nice dickie.) We’re talking rich media: Page takeovers. Streaming video. Instant interaction. The works. But the challenge isn’t just a creative one—or even the technology to make it all happen. It’s knowing when to pull out all the stops. And when to go with a more conservative approach. At BKV, we know what works best for your business… and when.

Display: Billions and Billions Served

If our banner impressions were burgers, they’d stretch from here to the moon. (Seriously. We did the math.) In the past year alone, BKV has served over 3 billion banner impressions. That’s billion with a “B.” From brand awareness and engagement, to direct response and all points in between, BKV has real experience leveraging this ever-changing digital channel. We also take a holistic approach to digital media management, allowing us insight into display’s effect on other marketing channels. Would you like fries with that?