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Social Media Marketing/PR: ROI Strategy & Measurable Results

Think social media and PR are nothing more than a poky old Facebook page and a few press releases? Think again. BKV has developed a holistic approach to PR and Social Media. Our hybrid methodologies meld traditional PR, social media strategy and direct marketing into a collaborative entity. We’ve made it work for consumer campaigns, donor campaigns for nonprofits, as well as B2B efforts. And when it comes to making the most of the social scene, we’ve discovered a few cardinal rules.

First, make sure you monitor the social realms daily. Ideally, you’ll have dedicated resources online to help protect your brand and guide users, answer questions… you know, the important stuff. Remember, these users are either customers or potential customers. And how you treat them within social networking could dictate how they go forward and speak about your brand.

Next up: Make sure you use your social campaign to actually sell or monetize. After all, social media allows you and your company another pipeline or channel to generate sales. So, deploy special offers that can only be found by “liking” or “following” your company. Include social sharing features in your customer emails, on your landing pages and on your final “thank you” or confirmation page of your sales funnel. And most of all, make sure you have a dedicated landing page (or tab within Facebook) to help get that user into the sales funnel faster.

Finally, make your social experience(s) or campaigns easily sharable. If you’re not making a sale or capturing leads via your social channel, then at least capture them as a “like,” “pin,” “follower,” etc. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to generate a fan base for your brand, which again translates into a captive audience that can become your future customers. And then that customer helps bring you other potential customers—essentially, it’s word-of-mouth advertising on steroids. And you don’t get much more powerful than that.