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Advanced Analytics & Data Services: Turning Data into Actionable Results

Data is the heartbeat of BKV's mission—it's how we develop creative that drives engagement and sales for our clients.

By using advanced data services and analytics, we are learning more about consumers and their habits than ever before. Our analysts take heaps of data and come back with no-fail plans that convert leads into sales. They measure ROI with pinpoint precision for a more optimized spend and more informed media decisions.

And with a pulse this strong, the heartbeat of BKV continues to pump out amazing results for our clients.

Advanced Analytics

With so much data out there—your company's media data, consumer purchasing data, economic climate data—how can you generate any actionable insights?

Well, at BKV, we love data. And we love taking a plethora of data sources, breaking them down, and building custom solutions for our various clients.

By utilizing advanced data analysis and big data/predictive analytics techniques, we are able assist our clients not only in their overall campaign and messaging, but also in their media and marketing budget allocation.

Our scientific attribution model, for instance, lead to improved paid search efficiency for a Fortune 500 telecom client. And we were also able to enhance the American Red Cross' donor targeting and help a large dental chain allocate offline and online media smarter through our custom analytics solutions.

And our analytics experts continue to build custom data solutions for both small advertisers with limited media investments, and large-scale advertisers with multi-million-dollar media budgets.

Let us show you how to put data to work for you, and you may just end up loving data as much as we do.

Advanced Data Services

As consumers seek information and make decisions from a wide variety of sources, BKV continues to utilize the newest media to add deeper, more actionable analyses to our marketing plans.

And our Advanced Data Services platform does just that.

BKV's proprietary data solutions tool, Slice, forms the foundation of our business intelligence tools. Through data visualization, dashboards and scorecards, advanced analytics and attribution, Slice enables the consumption and breakdown of big data for BKV's clients.

Advanced Data Services Platform

Leveraging the power of data is what we do every day, and BKV's Advanced Data Services team continues to maximize media effectiveness, increase ROI and identify new opportunities.

In other words, we keep your marketing moving with the speed of technology.