Why Does Boo Have More Facebook Fans Than Your Brand?

By BKV in Media Strategy on July 5th, 2011



Still haven’t bought in to this idea of taking branding advice from a dog? Let me explain.

I found Boo when he had 1,283,094 fans, 24 hours later and he had gained 2,914. Go ahead, take a look at his Facebook page, is it still overflowing with fans?

How on earth could a dog have more fans than a brand? 1,286,008+ people have found their way to Boo’s fan page, and more importantly than that, they keep coming back. Any type of interaction Boo has on Facebook gets anywhere from 10,000 – 20,000 “likes”.



Boo may be the leader of the pack, but there’s an accompanying list of Best in Show Facebook pages for amateurs and professionals alike to learn from.

These may not necessarily be the brands with the most fans, but if Boo is any testament, size doesn’t matter, it’s engagement that rules.

Staying true to Boo and this post, here are our Best in Show contenders.


A Fan’s Best Friend

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friend, let that be the goal of your brand. Let your fans know that you are listening to them. Every consumer loves to feel validated.

Best in Show: 1-800-Flowers does a great job of encouraging fans to comment, share their thoughts, ideas and feedback with interactive posts. Facebook is like every relationship. You have to put in effort to build that social connection with your fans. Your effort will increase the chance fans will tune in for your next post, visit brand sites outside of Facebook and generate referral traffic and sales.


The Dog Ate My Homework

Successful Facebook pages don’t have time for excuses. Take time for consistent posts.  

Best in Show: Ikea’s page has received a lot of notice and “likes” just by updating new content every day, such as daily contests, articles, live chats and polls. If Boo and Ikea can find the time during their busy days, surely you can too. Remember, no excuses.


Work “Like” a Dog

Or a Cow!

Best in Show: Chick-fil-A may have the most impressive resume as far as fans are concerned on our list of Best in Show, but that doesn’t mean they don’t continue to put in the time to keep their fans engaged.

It takes a lot of hard work to build your fan base. Chick-fil-A has celebrity status and their Facebook page deserves applause. Chick-fil-A does it all. They have an interactive menu, communicate with fans on a consistent basis and communicate their brand value. The endorsement and responses from their fans is a social testimonial to their continued success. Nicely done, Chick-fil-A!


It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

If anyone has a true understanding of competition right now it’s Dallas and Miami.

Best in Show:  The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. For these two NBA titans, a dog eat dog world is an understatement. Competition has fueled their Facebook fans to take a stance. Even though the Mavericks took home the 2011 championship trophy, it’s Miami that understands how to bring their brand enthusiasts to their Facebook page by offering “exclusive” Heat merchandise, which is only available through “liking” the team’s page.

What call to action or incentives do you offer your fans on Facebook to entice a “like”?

The allure of exclusive swag is clever and works for the Miami fan base of 3,255,429.


It's a Wrap:

Conclusion: Clearly Boo’s doing things right. He’s now living virally everywhere outside of Facebook on Youtube, Fickr and to no surprise, has his own book, Boo, The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog debuting in July (yes, people are already preordering it).

Take the time to re-work your Facebook brand strategy based on these Best in Show examples, not only by finding a voice and a consistent frequency of posts but by truly resonating with your fans through dynamic engagement, appreciation and content.