Uncharted Territory: Sokolove Law Brand Identity and Standards

By BKV in Design on July 30th, 2010

When Sokolove Law first approached BKV about creating a comprehensive branding document, we were at once eager ... and only a little daunted. After all, while we were thrilled to have the opportunity to try our hand at a branding effort,Sokolove Creative it nonetheless represented a departure from our usual areas of expertise. And it was no small task: The document is to attend to corporate brand standards, as well as B2B and B2C audiences across both online and offline channels. It also was slated to showcase DR best practices in areas like direct mail, email, broadcast, and more.

With Todd Bemis, Leah, and Michelle at the helm, the creative group began work on the project in May. Since then, the document has grown to more than 60 pages - with no signs of slowing down - and has met with consistently enthusiastic reviews from the client.

The greatest challenge lies in collapsing Sokolove's drastically varied audiences under a single, unified brand. Likewise, much of the previously existing creative was executed without the benefit of any formal brand guidelines, so this project involved retrofitting prior work to make it more consistent, and more aesthetic, and ultimately more effective.

The creative team is currently making a final round of edits before the document makes its way to Jim Sokolove, founder of Sokolove Law, for approval.
The final branding guidelines will be presented to the client at the beginning of August.


ACD/Art Director - Leah Forsythe

ACD/Copywriter - Michelle Gunn