Twitter Rolls Out Analytics to More Users

By Jessica Newfield in Social Media on June 20th, 2013

Twitter has recently rolled out free analytics tools to the public, offering insights into tweet performance and follower growth. Previously, the microblogging platform only offered data about things like activity history and follower engagement if the user was paying to advertise with Twitter. But in a move some say was long overdue (and possibly prompted by Pinterest’s launch of analytic tools back in March), Twitter has started serving up some of these features to a select group of users, regardless of whether they advertise or not. To access analytics, go to the Twitter Ads dashboard (located under settings) and click on the Analytics tab. Here you’ll be able to view information about your Followers—their gender, interests, location and overall follower growth—and your Timeline Activity, which shows a list of your recent tweets and stats about who has favorited, retweeted or replied. The Timeline data is also available for downloading as a CSV file, so you can analyze the trends over time even further. For brands, one of the most important aspects will be the ability to see how many of their followers have clicked on a link, helping to track engagement with tweets to see which perform best. More generally speaking, this will be useful tool for marketers looking to gauge the true ROI of their Twitter activity, allowing them to evaluate how a particular social media campaign is performing. The changes are rolling out to groups of users gradually, so keep an eye out for when the new analytics tools are added to your account. Interested in learning more about social analytics and measuring ROI of your social media campaigns? Contact BKV’s social experts today!