Twitter Redesign

By BKV in Design on December 8th, 2012


Just when we get use to Facebook changes...

Twitter throws us another curve ball.


Go ahead, log in to your account on or Tweetdeck and see what they have introduced! And yes, be prepared to update your apps, because you can also experience the changes on the Twitter mobile app as well. The new look Twitter is launching today is supposed to simplify the user experience, and I’m not complaining.

My account hasn’t been switched over just yet, but after viewing the videos in this
Mashable article, I’m looking forward to the changes! What are you waiting for? Click here, to read more from Mashable and see all the new ins and outs we have coming our way!

Come back and let us know how you feel about the new changes! Is this all we’ve been waiting for or just another way to confuse us social media junkies? 

For more information, here is the official page about the new updates from Twitter.