Top 7 Reasons to Use the Google Display Network

By BKV in Media Strategy on January 23rd, 2013

Did you know you can target women ages 25-54 who are interested in luxury goods, women’s clothing and fashion? Did you know you can target users on their mobile devices within a ten mile radius of your brick and mortar store anywhere in the world? Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (second only to Google)? These examples and more are possible on the Google Display Network (GDN). In addition to the advanced targeting abilities and video advertising opportunities, there are a few more reasons why you should consider advertising on the GDN: 1.    Investment: No Minimum Budget: Running a campaign via the GDN is managed much like a regular AdWords Paid Search campaign. Campaigns have daily budget caps that cannot be exceeded and there is no minimum or maximum spend. With other display networks, there is generally a $10 - $20K minimum spend requirement. You have the ability to choose between running a CPC or CPM pricing campaign; in general, CPC’s are low compared to other networks ($0.75 average). In addition, if using Google conversion tags, you also have the ability to run a CPA campaign where you only pay for acquisitions. 2.    Reach The GDN is the world’s largest display network (comScore September 2012 Top 50 Web Properties Report), reaching over 90% of all internet users (Facebook reaches 51%) 3.    Advanced Targeting Capabilities The GDN’s robust list of targeting tools allow for you to match your ads to the most relevant users and sites:

a. Topic/Interest: Target users from predefined interest categories inferred from user browsing history

b. Keyword Contextual: Use keywords to find web pages that are relevant for your ads to show on

c. Remarketing: Target users who previously visited your website as they browse pages within the GDN (For example, a wireless company could target users who visited a product page but did not purchase)

d. Location: Target users based on their geographic location anywhere in the world (down to radius)

e. Demographic: Target users on gender and age

f. Device: Target by desktop computer, tablet and mobile. Within mobile targeted campaigns, the option also exists to target within apps.

4.    Transparency Managed placements allow you to only show ads on placements/sites you choose. Most networks do not allow for this kind of transparency. 5.    Self-Management Unlike other reserve-inventory networks, Google’s AdWords platform allows for self-management. In addition, you can change bids, optimize and report in real time, allowing for increased campaign efficiency. 6.    Ad Type Options The GDN offers an abundance of ad types, including:

a. Video Placement Options:

               i. Video Placements: Use the placement tool to target video sites within the GDN (like YouTube) ii. Video Ads: Use display banners to compliment videos in order to enhance branding or cross-promotional initiatives

iii. Click-to-Play: Only pay when a user clicks to play your video being promoted within the GDN

iv. In-Video: Advertise within the video player; options include in-stream (video ad plays before or after the video content) and overlay (an ad that covers the bottom section of the video).

b. Text: Same setup as with Google Search, ads just appear across the Display Network instead of just the Search Network

c. Image: Use relevant images within ad placements (typical display banner)

d. Rich Media: Image ads with interactive elements, animations, etc.

7.    Complement Search Campaigns Running a GDN campaign alongside a Search campaign allows you to reach consumers at different stages in the buying cycle. Different types of ads can be created to complement each other. In particular, the Search Companion program allows advertisers to target searchers who have demonstrated interest on any of the leading search engines. If a user searches on a keyword included in your Search Companion campaign and clicks an organic listing of a site that happens to be a part of the GDN, your ad could appear on that site. A small investment could make a large and lasting impact…go test out the GDN today! Interested in speaking with our BKV experts? Contact us today!
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