Top 5 Reasons to Consider Social Gaming Advertising

By BKV in Media Strategy on October 2nd, 2012

Looking for a way to reach a large audience and showcase your brand’s creative, all while being able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign?  Social gaming advertising may be your solution.  Offering a variety of metrics from Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Share (CPS) and Cost Per Engagement (CPE), to Cost Per View (CPV), Cost per Action (CPA) and even Cost Per Call (CPCall), social gaming advertising provides a range of options for advertisers to measure succes. We sat down with Scot Prudhomme, one of our Associate Media Directors, to discuss five reasons why you should consider social gaming during your next media planning session. 1. Vast Online Reach The audience you can reach through social gaming is HUGE. Social gaming has hit critical mass: casual gamers are nearly 40% of all US internet users and almost 30% of the entire US population. 600 Million users play social games in Facebook alone.  The average age of a social gamer is 39 years old, and, contrary to popular belief, the audience skews slightly female (55%). 2. Click-Based Conversions There are no view-through or post impression conversions counted in social gaming.  The advertiser only pays for an action made by a user – whether that is a video view, download, product purchase, etc., you are assured of a conversion by a click. 3. Highly Engaged Users There is an average click through rate (CTR) of 6% and above, not to mention that most placements are seen above the fold.  When playing a game, a user has the option to choose several different offers within the interface.  If the gamer decides to take an action with a brand, it proves that there is interest and intent. 4. Rich Creative In-gaming offers a lot of opportunities to showcase a brand in the space with video, rich media, surveys and even branded content within the game. This provides a great way for brands to make an emotional connection with gamers. 5. Robust Measurement Social gaming takes place through social graphs; therefore, everything can be measured such as interactions, engagements, sign-ups, CTR, etc. Still need more proof that it works? BKV has seen success with social gaming for several of our Fortune 500 clients.  Take Valpak for example.  We worked with them to launch a campaign to drive online deal purchases in five specific markets over a three month period. We incorporated social gaming advertising, asking gamers to purchase a Valpak deal for points toward their online games. Social gaming was the best performer in the campaign, coming in at the lowest allowable versus other display ad network tactics.   Interested in learning more about opportunities within social gaming advertising? Get in touch with us today!