Top 5 Best Examples of Native Advertising

By Alexandra Morgan in Media Strategy on August 30th, 2013

While you always have to walk a fine line with native advertising, there have been some amazing executions of the tactic! Here are just a few of our favorites. 1. Gatorade’s G Series on Pandora: When Gatorade began promoting their new G Series, they turned to Pandora to play off the connection between working out and listening to music. For each drink in the series they created a unique Pandora playlist to warm up, workout and cool down. The results? Over 485,000+ station adds, 519,000+ total listening hours and nearly 96% of adds and listens were done on a mobile device.

Gatorade Native Ad

2. ET & Reese’s Pieces: Sewn directly into the movie with ease – Reese’s Pieces utilized the big screen to promote their product that historically had a low market share in the candy world. Reese’s Pieces sales shot up 65% after the movie launched in 1982, making it the hit candy of the summer.

Reese's Native Ad

3. Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail & Samsung: During game 5 of the 2013 NBA playoffs, Samsung aired this 3 minute spot to promote their line of Galaxy smartphones. They purchased one million copies of Jay Z’s new Magna Carta album and offered them free to Galaxy users before they dropped. This content-driven campaign has since driven millions of YouTube views on the Samsung Mobile channel and traffic to their landing page that provided more behind the scenes (  While sale results have not been revealed, the tactic itself was creative and extremely content driven.

Jay Z Native Ad

4. Guinness Guide to Oysters: This 1951 print ad created by David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising”, was one of the earliest examples of native. The ad outlines 9 different oyster recipes that can be enhanced with Guinness. The content marketing “soft sell” approach is a perfect example of how to produce information-rich content that readers are actually looking for.

Guiness Native Ad

5. Sour Patch Kids “World Gone Sour” Video: In collaboration with rapper Method Man, Sour Patch Kids developed a song and music video “World Gone Sour”, to create a name with the 12-24 year old market. The song was made available on iTunes and with native ad platform Sharethrough, it drove 70% video completion rates and 4x higher social engagement than industry average.

Sour Patch Kids Native Ad

Do you know of any other amazing examples of native advertising? Share them below! Interested in speaking to BKV experts about opportunities with Native Advertisement? Contact us today!