The Year of Mobile Marketing: 5 Tips to Remember

By May Advincula in Mobile on April 17th, 2013

This is the year of mobile, but as technology has continued to develop and devices are becoming readily available to all types of consumers, the need to evolve the way we do mobile marketing has continued to grow. If you haven’t gotten on the mobile marketing bandwagon by now, recent mobile device user statistics suggest that you’d better. If not, it’ll be easy for your company to be overshadowed by the advertisers that have already been working on tweaking their mobile website design and mobile marketing programs to fit into the lifestyles of the on-the-go consumer. Mobile devices have integrated their way into everyday activities. According to the Adobe Digital Publishing report, 79% of smartphone owners check e-mail on their phones, as did 72% of tablet owners. With this pervasiveness in day-to-day activities, the challenge evolves into finding a non-intrusive way of fitting into the routine of the on-demand, fast information seeking consumer. However, even if you’re limited by budget or the wariness of important stakeholders, one of the most basic mobile marketing steps is to make sure your email marketing programs and website marketing designs are mobile responsive. You’d be surprised at how many large companies still haven’t figured that out or haven’t gotten to it. Just think about your major retailers with large-scale e-mail marketing programs. The next time you’re perusing through your sales e-mails, check to see how many of the e-mails render on your mobile device. If they pass that test, then check to see if the e-mail links you to a mobile responsive website. Though companies are starting to realize that mobile user experience can impact business, there are still a few that are dragging their feet. And although the consumption of information on mobile devices is on the rise, the growth of marketing programs built for mobile devices hasn’t exactly followed suit. According to a March 2012 eConsultancy report, 39% of companies said their mobile email strategy was “non-existent” while 37% said their strategy was “basic.” Understandably, a lot of what contributes to that is lack of budget, resources, and time. However, if you invest in the process now, it’ll be better in the long run for both your business and the user experience of your consumers. When thinking about mobile responsive design, keep these 5 helpful tidbits in mind: 1. Optimize Content for Mobile With the number of various devices that currently exist, it’s important to review the content that you have and optimize it for mobile. Mobile devices offer limited real estate, so you want to make sure that you provide the most relevant content to your consumer. Keyword research from SEO and SEM as well as creative content branding from copywriters can help with this process. 2. Tap Errors On average, the adult finger can cover about 45 pixels on a smartphone device. To minimize tap errors from occurring, it is recommended that you allot at least 15 pixels of padding. According to World Data, mobile websites saw a 32% higher conversion when creative was optimized to account for potential tap errors. 3. Big CTAs In the same vein as accounting for tap errors, when you’re thinking about your next e-mail or landing page, make sure that your calls to action (CTAs) are distinguishable from the rest of your content. When the user opens your e-mail or clicks through to your landing page, you want to ensure that the CTAs bring attention to what you want the consumer to do. 4. Load Time According to a recent BKV blog post on mobile website design, a study by Kissmetrics noted that 40% of mobile users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Large images don’t play well with mobile devices, even with 4G speeds, so think about the images and other content that you’re displaying (i.e. video) as that can factor into how long it takes for your mobile site to render. 5. Test Your Design Programs such as Litmus enable you to preview what your landing page or e-mail will look like on various devices. Before you deploy, make sure you’re checking how your site or e-mails look on multiple platforms. If you need help with mobile marketing basics, or are ready to expand your mobile marketing program even further, BKV can pinpoint you in the right direction.