The Secret to Mobile App Success

By BKV in Digital Marketing on December 7th, 2016

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Mobile apps offer a huge opportunity for marketers across industries because the majority of internet searches and purchase investigations now take place on a mobile device. But you can't just build a mobile app and then figure out what to do with it. Marketing strategies for both pre- and post-launch are vital to a successful mobile program.

The following is an overview of how to integrate a compelling marketing strategy into your mobile development plan.

Know Your Target Audience

The most vital pre-launch factor to mobile development success is target market research. Spend time in a well-outlined research process learning about your mobile target market, and building a detailed buyer persona.

A recent study by Localytics showed that about 25 percent of app users leave after just one use. With an average acquisition cost of  $4, this statistic is disturbing. It speaks to the importance of knowing as much as possible about your targeted users, and what they want or expect from your app so you won't lose them.

One of the key concerns to investigate is what type of frustrations or issues your audience currently has when accessing information. This information helps you figure out what features and benefits to incorporate.

You also want to know:

  • How your app will be distinct from your online content
  • What information your users want to learn from the app
  • What problems or needs your users want the app to resolve

Be Seen in Searches

The vast majority of app users acquire apps following a search in the app store. Even more importantly, research shows clearly that search-acquired users stay engaged with your app far longer than people acquired through ad targeting.

These facts support the importance of App Store Optimization, which is the app equivalent of search engine optimization. Even large companies often fail to optimize their download page content to appear prominently in the types of searches their prospects conduct.

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Build a Great Download Page

When you get searchers to your download page, you need compelling content that converts them to users. For instance, the first few sentences describing your app are extremely important in the Apple Store as that is all that is shown unless the person clicks to "Read More."

The content on your app download page is just as important as the content on a website or blog. Offer informative, interesting and engaging content that gives your targeted users a clear reason to download. Beautiful images and preview trailers are important demonstration features for your page as well.


The first key to app success in mobile development is awareness of the intended user, and that person's motives, needs and interests. After building an application that aligns with the user's persona, focus much of your marketing energy on attracting and converting searchers.

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