The Millennials Go To Work

By BKV in BKV News on June 29th, 2010

92 million Millennials are heading our way. Born between 1982 - 2002 (or thereabouts), this generation is known as the "Trophy Generation" because - win or lose - everyone who showed up to play got a trophy. These men and women are known for their sense of entitlement, strong bonds with their parents, and often outrageous expectations for work /life balance (that their employers are expected to facilitate). To say they are "challenging" is an understatement. However, my experience is that they bring more to the party than they demand, and their interesting combination of skills, expectations and enthusiasm can help us morph into a faster, stronger and better agency. Here's how: Millennials get technology. At BKV Gen Xers led the way, even pushed us, into technology (and we thank them for that). But for Millennials, technology is intuitive. They don't have to figure out how to do things, and they require little training. Technology just seems programmed into their genes. They get it, they know how to use it and they're very comfortable sharing it. Whether it's through Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, blogging or old fashioned conversations, we've come to count on our Millennials to share their learnings and opinions about what's hot, and what's not, and help us deploy new technology to further our clients' goals. Teamwork is a big part of their life and experience. Thanks to Title IX, women as well as men grew up playing sports and learning the skills that come from being part of a team. Team building was further re-enforced in schools (including colleges) where students participated in group projects as part of their grade. Sure, someone usually got stuck doing most of the work, but they all learned how to manage the dynamics of a group so that a task is accomplished well and on time. At BKV, Millennials play key roles in social marketing, technology, new business and social committees, all of which add significantly to the education and life of the agency. In addition, they are great at creating bonds across departments and developing the trust of their co-workers as they work toward a common goal. In short, our Millennials are creating great teams, and great teams produce great work. Finally, Millennials are civic minded and optimistic. I love this about them because this is a Boomer trait that I've never outgrown myself. Like Boomers, Millennials really believe they can change the world, and they're willing to put their time and effort into causes about which they are passionate. Community outreach has always been a BKV core value supported by both Boomers and Gen Xers, so with the Millennials' enthusiastic input and support, look for new, innovative outreach efforts from BKV. Welcome to the workforce, Millennials!