South University TV: Exponential Success

By BKV in Design on June 18th, 2010

Creatives aren't typically lauded for their math skills, but when South's creative team discovered that the latest South University TV initiative would involve two spot lengths, eight campuses, eight programs, and as many as 184 versions, they knew it added up to a little spot that would need to go a long way.South University TV Spot BKV was given the challenge of creating 30- and 60-second direct TV spots that would not only bolster South University's brand identity, but also prominently feature each of the school's courses of study, or "programs." Given the rather limited production budget, the creative team rose to the challenge and harvested program-specific content from South's previously existing footage. The direct, "donut"-structured spot combines two charismatic young spokespersons on a white cyclorama background, each introducing the university and its programs by way of a unique framing treatment. Meanwhile, the animation recalls the "scrolling" action of iPhone apps, allowing images to be turned like pages, manipulated, and interacted with. The result? A clean, contemporary, and aspirational spot that speaks to a young and motivated demographic. Congrats to Leah and Michelle on a job well done! The new South University spot is rolling out now in Savannah, Montgomery, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Columbia, and Detroit. ACD/Art Director: Leah Forsythe ACD/Copywriter: Michelle Gunn