#SMDayATL14: A Recap

By Lauren Austin in Industry News on July 1st, 2014

Atlanta celebrated the city's most innovative social professionals and companies for Social Media Day Atlanta 2014.  Here's our recap of the day.


“There is no such thing as a social media expert,” were the words of Atlanta Hawks Social Media Coordinator, Jaryd Wilson during his webinar for #SMDayATL14. However, many of Atlanta’s top social influencers participated in yesterday’s event (Kwanza Hall even made an appearance!), sharing their ideas and celebrating how far the industry has come in such a short time. Along with the evening celebration at Tongue and Groove, BKV joined the webinars which featured notable Atlanta-based speakers who offered best practices and real-world examples. Here are our top takeaways.

  1. Identify your target audience

    This is something that probably everyone has heard since they were in school learning about the marketing industry for the first time. While we may know the general demographics of our target audience, do we really know everything about them? Do we know how they behave on social media and what their interests are? Jaryd Wilson gave insight to this point by providing examples of his work with the Atlanta Hawks' Twitter followers. Part of their strategy is to identify topics, like sports and video games, that Hawks fans are interested in and then joining the conversation through genuine RTs and replies.

    Jaryd Wilson

  2. Users don’t want to be "sold to" on social.

    Many users treat social media as a way to escape “real-world” drama and simply keep up with friends and pages of interest. If companies’ view their social properties only as another channel to sell their products, their program isn't likely to be successful.  In other words, it shouldn't be a one-way conversation; after all, who wants to talk to someone who only talks about himself? Insightpool’s Co-Founder and Marketing Director Matt Smith had some insight on this topic. His philosophy is to always think about the customer when creating content, especially when planning content in advance. Instead of incorporating overly promotional messaging, he advised including friendly call-to-actions such as “What are your thoughts?” and “How do you think we could improve?” into social media outreach.

  3. Talk like your fans.

    Now we may not use phrases such as “sick” and “I can’t” as brands, but our fans sure are. By just simply being aware of the way your target audience is speaking, you can not only humanize your accounts by adding some humor and relatable content, but you can encourage more engagement from your fans. Obviously this must be on a case-by-case basis, and what works for one company may not work for others, but language evolves just as fast as social media, so awareness here is key.

  4. The social landscape is always changing and growing.

    Speaking of evolving, there is always a new website, a new app, a new tool to be aware of. Just when you think you’ve learned everything about social, something new can pop up and change your entire strategy. While it may seem impossible to stay up to date on everything (and it probably is), that should be your goal. Know what’s new and popular and try to identify applications for your brand. As Matt shared, it's predicted that over 2.55 billion people will be using social media in 2017 compared to the 1.73 billion users today, so it's crucial to stay informed on new trends.


  5. Do your research.

    This could be the most daunting task on a to-do list, but in all honesty, it’s probably the most important task. Matt summed this up perfectly by saying “getting more data gives you more action-ability.” More data allows companies to target their audience on individual level and create very personalized communication.


What did you think of #SMDayATL14?  Any insights you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Lauren,
    Thanks for attending #SMDayATL14 and for the awesome recap!

    I thought Jaryd’s presentation really resonated well with the audience, and using Twitter’s 140 characters or less format was brilliant too.

    Wish we had a chance to cross paths that night but I was running back and forth to my social media station upstairs.

    Have a great 4th of July BKV!

    • BKVteam

      Thanks David for your comment. Agreed – Jaryd did a great job as did the other presenters. Glad we got to connect on Twitter, and hopefully we’ll run into each other at another event soon!