Shifting Your Advertising Strategy to Reach a Millennial Audience

By Jamie Russo in Digital Marketing on February 17th, 2017

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To succeed in reaching a millennial audience, you need an evolving advertising strategy that speaks to this particular group and drives them to make purchases. Peer reviews, along with targeting and authentic marketing efforts play a big role.

The following are some tips to shift your advertising strategy to target a millennial marketplace.

Leverage the Friend

Relative to other demographics, millennials place an exceptionally high amount of trust in friends and family members for product recommendations. About 89 percent of millennial buyers reported trusting friend and family recommendations over information provided by brands, according to Kissmetrics.

Brand influencers, referral programs, and active social media campaigns all contribute to leveraging this reliance on a circle of trust. Include peer testimonials as much as possible in your executions.

Friends Share with Friends

Not only do millennials trust peer product suggestions, but 44 percent indicated they are comfortable sharing brand information on social media in exchange for reward. This comfort level with brand influencer sharing strengthens the importance of connecting with brand advocates that have large, passionate user followings on social channels.

Snapchat filters have become another popular avenue to target young audiences through peer sharing. A branded filter ties into the natural desire of users to share cleverly-designed photos with friends. This strategy also perpetuates authentic, friend-based messaging with your brand in the midst of the sharing.

Millennials Shop Online

With pharmaceuticals, clothing and accessories, furniture and home goods among notable exceptions, millennials prefer to do much of their shopping online. Kissmetrics reported that 40 percent of millennial males and 33 percent of females would ideally buy everything online if possible.

This dependence on the internet for research and purchases supports your need for an online presence. Beyond your website, an interactive blog, digital advertising campaigns and social media messaging all help you connect with this digital-native marketplace.

Millennials Use Multiple Devices

Your online marketing strategy gets a bit cloudy when realizing that 30 percent of millennials use four or more devices daily, according to the Kissmetrics study. Thus, you need an approach that resonates on smartphones and tablets as well or better than on a desktop.

Google recently enabled cross-device retargeting through its AdWords platform. Other digital strategies also allow you to get in front of these young buyers across the various devices they use. At a minimum, a mobile-friendly website and responsive email design are vital to millennial marketing success.

Short messaging services and apps are also essential when targeting millennials. These consumers typically have their phones at arm's length and value the convenience of relevant product messaging at their fingertips.

Digital Marketing Agency, Mobile, Millennials, Social


In some ways, millennials take broader market trends to the extreme. This point is true in their reliance on friends and family for recommendations and digital devices for shopping. Meet millennials on their turf with high-impact messaging.

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