#SESATL: Top 12 SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing Takeaways

By Kimberly Honore, Katherine Jianas & Greg Lee in Industry News on July 17th, 2014

SES Atlanta (#SESATL), The Original Search Marketing Event, brought the world of SEO, Digital Advertising and Paid Search together on July 9, 2014 at the Hilton DoubleTree in Buckhead. After viewing the speakers' many interesting presentations, members of our SEO and SEM teams compiled the top 12 takeaways and tips that you should incorporate into your SEO, Paid Search and Digital Marketing strategies.


Top 12 Takeaways from SES Atlanta (#SESATL)


     SEO Strategies and Tactics:

  1. Measure the ROI of your content marketing by using tracking parameters from Google URL Builder to track your content and all links to and from it. Import it into a marketing automation software to see, and measure, what content drove the most leads. Then, sync with CRM to track entire lifecycle. – Erin Everhart (@erinever), experienced Digital Strategist and Content Marketer.


  2. Use Facebook ad targeting for content distribution and SEO link building. Do this by targeting journalists and bloggers with a visually vibrant ad and driving them to an engaging blog post or some other well-crafted link bait content. – Marty Weintraub (@aimclear), Founder and Evangelist, aimClear.


  3. Mobile SEO, for a responsive website, can include keywords specific to mobile search intent on mobile content pages when you add a little dynamic serving to your responsive site. Just be sure to use “vary” in the header to tell Google the page’s content varies, depending on the device. – Tim Cannon (@timcannon), VP, Product Management & Marketing, Jackson Healthcare.


  4. Get better SEO insight from Webmaster Tools by setting up a separate “site” for your website subfolders, the same way you would setup subdomains in Webmaster Tools. – Tom Roseberry (@roseberry9), Associate Director of SEO, WebMD Health Network.


  5. 62% of organic searches show different results depending on whether it’s mobile vs. desktop search. – Tim Cannon (@timcannon), via the 2014 BrightEdge Mobile Share Report.


    Paid Search and Digital Advertising Tactics:

  6. For Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs), use product images that are different from the rest of the competition to differentiate yourself. – Lisa Raehsler (@LisaRocksSEM), Founder, Big Click Co.


  7. If you have writer’s block when writing SEM ad copy, just turn on Direct Response TV commercials for inspiration. – Lisa Raehsler (@LisaRocksSEM), Founder, Big Click Co.


  8. LinkedIn sponsored updates tend to perform better than sponsored ads. And LinkedIn CPMs tend to be higher than Twitter and Facebook. – Melissa Mackey (@mel66), Search Supervisor, gyro.


  9. On Facebook, try Lookalike Modeling to expand your reach and find more people like your target audience. – Melissa Mackey (@mel66), Search Supervisor, gyro.


  10. Use segmentation when remarketing, such as first time customers vs. repeat customers. – Kimm Lincoln (@kimmlincoln), VP of Digital Marketing, Nebo Agency.


  11. Talk to people in sales or customer service, not just in marketing, to get ideas on how to appropriately message to consumers. – Kimm Lincoln (@kimmlincoln), VP of Digital Marketing, Nebo Agency.


  12. In dynamic banners, display products that complement each other, not just images of the last 3 products the user was viewing. And for B2B, consider showing a testimonial or award. – Kimm Lincoln (@kimmlincoln), VP of Digital Marketing, Nebo Agency.


What did you think of #SESATL? Any tips or takeaways that you thought were important? Let us know in the comments below!


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