Read This …Because I’m The Greatest Blogger Of All Time

By BKV in Direct Marketing on August 19th, 2010

So, I've been thinking about a topic that would be insightful and pertinent to a specific "arm" of marketing/advertising. You know, join the other thousands of bloggers who are experts on Social Marketing, Email best practices, SEM, etc. And yes, all of these blogs are pertinent and extremely insightful. Instead, though, I want to focus on these thousands of bloggers - so-called experts that tend to throw a grey cloud over everything we do. You know the type ... "TV is dead", or "Go Social or Go Home" types of blogs. Geez, it's like the world is coming to an end if you don't take heed and do what they say. So let me try to put a little ray of sunshine on the subject - nothing is dead. Well, OK ... maybe typewriters are. I'll give you that. But when it comes to the numerous channels for spreading your marketing communication and dollars, everything is still open. It just depends on your audience. And honestly, it's this author's opinion that no one particular medium is king. Because we live in a time where immediacy is king, people these days are out seeking the information, products and services. So instead of "pushing" ... there are large groups of people that are "pulling". So that's where things like SEM and Social become such a vital part of anyone's marketing mix. There is such demand on "pull" communications / marketing /advertising, that you would be remised to exclude it. Booger Blogger But at the same time, not everyone has an iPhone or Droid on their hip. So there's still a huge need for more of that "invasive" marketing ... you know, the old dinosaurs like TV, Print, Direct Mail, etc. It's just more important now that you synergize your marketing efforts so your message and campaigns can move seamlessly across these various channels. Am I preaching to the choir here? I hope so. That's the goal - to try to settle down some of those doomsayers that tell you something is "dead". Why Mr. Blogger ... because you are only versed in one aspect of marketing? Or is it because you're drinking the "rhymes-with-Scoogle" kool-aid? Well, that's pretty short-sided, don't you think? I'll tell you again, nothing is dead. Marketing and advertising is WIDE OPEN. And the smartest marketers out there will open up their minds and their strategies to look at all angles. I think that's why agencies like BKV are so successful - they keep their minds open to all possibilities. They even declare themselves "Media Neutral" ... and that's a pretty cool concept. It merely means that they will explore all opportunities / mediums and determine what is best for the client (and their goals). So come on bloggers of the marketing world ... let's settle down a little. Let's try not to be so "doom and gloom" on our subjects and instead, provide more positive information to our marketing communities. Because the last time I checked, we've still got newspapers, we've still got TV and we've still got Radio. All serve a specific purpose. And if you don't believe that all these things can work together (traditional and emerging mediums), then your world is going to implode. HA. Just kidding ... wanted you to see how ridiculous it sounds when providing ultimatums in this type of forum. Please stop "killing" everything ... because nothing is "dead". The world is just too fragmented and diverse to put all your eggs into one basket.