New York Fashion Week Goes Social

By Nurain Alicharan in Social Media on September 27th, 2013

Social Media has transformed numerous industries, and the fashion world is no exception. Here’s how top designers and brands leveraged social to take their presence at New York Fashion Week to the next level.

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This year, New York Fashion Week, also known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, went social, as well-known designers such as Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Zac Posen, relied heavily on social media to create hype around their brand and new 2014 collections. Designers utilized their full social footprint across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and even offered live runway feeds on their websites to drive real-time conversations. The success can be witnessed through the #NYFW hashtag which yields more than 600,000 images on Instagram to date and had an average of more than 2,000 tweets per hour in addition to the traction received by hashtags #FashionWeek and #MBFW. In addition, Pinterest partnered with designers, publications and bloggers to introduce its Fashion Week Hub which collected more than two million pins per day.


Fashion Week attendees were encouraged to share their entire experience, on and off the runway, on social networking sites. Sponsors, such as Cottenelle and Benefit Cosmetics, offered prizes in return for the broadcast of their promotional hashtags. In order to facilitate the social interaction, the Samsung Galaxy Lounge and Zappos provided charging stations for cellphones. Cellphones also came in handy as barcode scanning provided easy check-ins for runway shows. Social interaction has reconstructed New York Fashion Week’s audience to include fashion lovers worldwide instead of solely those watching live from Lincoln Center. For fashion bloggers and those staying updated from the comfort of their homes, social media has offered a front-row seat to the show and a personal invitation to participate in the conversation. Designers and brands now have the capability to showcase their work to millions around the globe and receive instant feedback. In addition, behind-the-scenes coverage served as a backstage pass for fashion aficionados. This opens the door to millions of conversations and viral sharing of runway images. This year’s Fashion Week validates the ability of social media to amplify brand reach and audience engagement. The astounding results seen by designers are not limited to the fashion world and can be attained by brands across all industries when effective social media programs are implemented. As marketers search for innovative ways to identify and connect with their audience, social media provides an effective channel to gain support and build relationships. The successful social results from New York Fashion have led to Paris Fashion Week deploying similar tactics. Follow #PFW on Twitter and Instagram or view the live feed to witness its progress. Want to learn how your brand can benefit through social media? Contact our social media experts today!