New SEO Opportunity Arises From Google AdWords Update

By Gregory Lee in Industry News on March 1st, 2016

Now that Google removed right-side search ads, the Google Knowledge Graph panel becomes a strong new SEO opportunity for promoting your business.

Q: How much does it cost for my business information to display in the area on the right side in the search results?

A: This is free to the business for keywords related to your brand name.  It is a Google feature that aggregates at-a-glance information about a business from multiple sources around the web.  It is known as a “Knowledge Graph” panel.

BKV google search result

Removal of Google Right Side Ads

BKV was informed of right side ad removal in advance from our Google reps. Because BKV manages tens of millions in Google spend across multiple national brand clients, we get early notifications and opportunities to take part in Google tests before they are publicly available.

However, there was still only a short window when Google tested into removal of side ads on 2/18 and total removal, yesterday on 2/22. MozCast, a Google monitoring tool shows the test period dropped about 50% of side ads for 5 days before 100% removal.

SERP feature history

SEO Knowledge Graph Opportunity

On the same day, we see a spike in the appearance of Google Knowledge Cards.

These are a part of the Knowledge Graph. The knowledge graph is Google’s database of information that is organized in a way that the organic search algorithm (Hummingbird) can automatically post answers and in depth information relevant to a search query. SEO experts have been manually editing the Knowledge Graph database since 2010.

SERP feature history graph

Taking Advantage of Knowledge Graph Opportunities in SEO

Parts of the information can be included as content and coding on your website. Other parts are based on off-site content such as Wikipedia, directories, industry websites, PR and submissions to Google. For example, this See Inside tour of BKV that appears in our Knowledge Graph panel was an initiative we took including session with a Google certified photographer and submitting the panoramic photos to our Google account.


You can get your business information like logo, business name, address, photos, etc. to appear in the Knowledge Graph Panel using local SEO techniques. These at least need to include structured data schema tagging on your website, utilizing Google MyBusiness, and submission to directories and aggregators such as Neustar-Localeze. Google provides developer help for using structured data to customize your knowledge graph.

To do a good job, you also need to do some social media coordination and implement a strategy to generate positive online reviews. Getting your customers to post good reviews may seem daunting, but we have ways of simplifying and automating a workflow to accomplish the necessary local SEO, social and CRM activities. It’s a matter of putting together the right tools and processes to accomplish the strategy.

BKV can help implement this type of strategy and process into your existing efforts.

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  • Taylor Gould

    Do you see any ways to leverage this new potential exposure through the Knowledge Graph beyond brand keyword searches?

    • BKVteam

      Thanks for the question, Taylor. After maxing out what you can on brand signals, local search, which includes non-brand, would be our next area of focus. After that, answer cards may be a good option to explore. All of these are features that stand out in the SERPs. Images and video optimization (such as a YouTube channel) are additional opportunities to visually stand out. Playing with the features in MozCast can reveal trends for any of these. However, we recommend deciding content types and SEO focus in context of your specific industry niche, not just in the overall feature trends shown in MozCast.