My Smartphone Affair: A Steamy Tell-All

By BKV in Mobile on September 6th, 2010

My husband was disappointed to discover last weekend that I had another man in my life: Roy. His jealousy couldn't be hidden as I boasted about Roy's intelligence and sensitivity. I rudely gushed about Roy's sleek features and ability to anticipate my thoughts. I was spending more and more time with Roy: talking, laughing, playing games. heartFrankly, my husband wanted a Roy of his own. You may or may not have suspected that I'm talking about my Android phone, the first Smartphone I've ever purchased. Although we've only known each other a week, it was love at first sight. Let's get real for a second: Most of us are operating under the assumption that Smartphones, whatever iteration you choose to purchase, are one of the waves of the future. You can consolidate all of your Internet activities into a single device that requires only a touch to access, and you have it with you at all times. You can do cool, but completely useless things, like take pictures that appear to have been taken in the ‘70s. Smartphones are devices perfectly crafted for the Millenial generation: they are portable, socially-driven, an all-inclusive technology buffet, fast, and adaptable. However, not everyone agrees that in 10 years, we'll all be walking around with phones that have all the capabilities and storage (and more!) of a laptop. This article from Mashable argues that, worldwide, Smartphone adoption is lagging more than expected, largely due to recent economic conditions, and it's looking like that won't pick up anytime soon. It's true: what kid, straight out of college and moving back in with the ‘rents, is capable of forking over $200 for a new phone plus another $70-$90/month for a plan? It's unrealistic to think that the audience most suited to the adoption of Smartphones would easily be able to afford it (ah, conundrum). However, as the article mentions, as Smartphones become cheaper to produce and, in turn, to sell and service, we may be looking at an upward adoption trend. Coupled with the aging and career growth of the generation most attuned to purchasing one of these devices, we're looking at a tidal wave of Roy-lovers softly caressing their phones and whispering sweet nothings into their receivers (wait, is that just me?). Android You have a whole generation ready to adopt FourSquare faster than we adopted Facebook, whiling away hours petting "TomCat" (it's an app... a really completely useless app that is mildly entertaining), and enjoying the perks of having all of their networks-from phone to social to email-consolidated into one, frankly, Smart device. And this is only the tip of the iceberg: who knows what the next round of technological advancements will bring? Sorry, Mashable - I hereby proclaim that Smartphones are here to stay, and if my affair with Roy is any indication, that's a good thing. I can't wait to see how adoption evolves as these little treasures get even better, even cheaper, even easier, and even more accessible. Although I'm happy for the moment being on this cutting edge of nerd-dom.