Mother Knows Best

By BKV in Social Media on October 13th, 2011


Words and opinions influence consumers…

and when searching for a spokesperson for your brand you want nothing more than someone that will make a strong impact on your audience. That’s where this group of social-savvy moms, knows as mommy bloggers are taking over the internet.

Haven’t you heard the saying “Mother knows best”? For the brands who have kept this in mind and found a way to get moms to position their brand as the go-to product on their blog, they have not only developed a modern-day marketing tactic, but they have paved a path to success that will bring radical boosts in sells and brand affinity.

Entrepreneurs are scrambling to find successful blogs that they can advertise on and sponsor, the organic and grassroots voice that mommy bloggers present to their readers provides an integrity and confidence backing up your brand. Try doing that with Kim Kardashian.


If your brand is mentioned on a popular mom blog, you can guarantee that word-of-mouth is going to spread like a wild fire through the blog community. I, as a 22-year-old, am even guilty of falling in to the chatter of mom blogs. That’s right, I read mom blogs, and I buy in to their latest opinions on many products. Just recently, I witnessed and took part in the rise of the Erin Condren Life Planner.

It started with the mention of a new Life Planner on one blog, and within a week, sales shot through the roof. Ask Erin Condren herself, she had to hire new employees just to meet the demand of orders that were pouring through the internet.

It’s no secret, with moms standing behind the Erin Condren product, tons jumped on the band wagon and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of her colorful, perfectly organized planners. I’m also guilty as charged.

A popular mommy blogger here in the South is hosting a giveaway on her blog, Blue Eyed Bride, for an Oreck DualMax Air Purifier right now. She has already received 455 entries and all Oreck has done is simply provide her with a DualMax air purifier to review, and an additional one to give away to a lucky winner. For entries to the giveaway, one can follow Oreck on Twitter, “like” Oreck on Facebook, sign up for Oreck’s email list or tweet about the giveaway and be sure to mention @Oreck. Talk about a plan that does it all, they are generating social chatter, performing an acquisition campaign and acquiring email addresses all through this one tactic. 

Brand’s focus a lot of attention on their advertising strategy and just where the best place is for paid ads, but be sure not to forget the importance of an organic and grassroots approach, which can be found through blogger outreach. The rise of the moms is something no brand should overlook.

Have you witnessed any successful campaigns through mommy blogger outreach?