Last minute tips for #GivingTuesday

By Sarah Giovino in Non-Profit on November 21st, 2017

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As the end of year campaigns launch into overdrive and the holidays begin to creep around the corner, you may be wondering how to maximize #GivingTuesday fundraising for your not-for-profit organization. Whether it’s your first campaign or you are a veteran, the not-for-profit advertising experts at BKV have consolidated some tips and tricks to help guide your way.

Paid Facebook reigns supreme

When looking where to start for your #GivingTuesday campaign, look no further than social media. Paid social, specifically paid Facebook, allows you to maximize your time, budget, targeting potential and impact. Here’s how:

  1. There is no minimum spend

On Facebook, you pay for your campaign based on a CPC bid. This is great for small and large not-for-profits as your minimum daily budget can be as low as $2. Read more about how to set up your account here.

  1. Creative for Facebook is quick and easy to create

Requiring a single image and one set of copy, ANYONE can create a Facebook ad. Just make sure to check the Facebook Ads Guide so your creative has the correct specs.

  1. Facebook allows you to target on a very granular level

Using the Ads manager, you can choose your audience, including filters like age, location and people who have engaged with your Facebook page. And don’t forget to add lookalike audiences! Once your audiences have been created and your campaign has been executed, you can use Facebook Audience Insights to learn more about who your message is resonating with.

  1. Your message X your audience = maximum sharing potential

Paid social allows you to recruit an army of supporters for your cause. With the ability to share about their compassionate giving during a time of heightened consumerism, donors are vocally participating in this holiday that is rapidly growing in popularity. So give your donors a chance to boast away! Every time they post, share, and tweet how they are a good person – you will reap the benefits.

Evaluate the timing of your campaign

With the #GivingTuesday digital space becoming increasingly crowded, it is more important than ever to break through the noise of the season with clever timing. Ways to do this include:

  1. Launch a pre #GivingTuesday campaign

Using a teaser campaign to promote your cause will allow you to reach your donor audience ahead of the Tuesday rush. Try launching paid social on Monday. By reaching your audience early, you will keep your message top of mind. Remember, first impressions are important – not just face-to-face.

  1. Send two emails on #GivingTuesday

The holidays are busy and everyone needs a reminder. This includes your well-intentioned donors. By sending an email the morning and evening of #GivingTuesday, you will keep your audience focused and can also create a sense of urgency as the day wraps up.

Execute best practices

Best practices are relevant during any and all times of the year. In reference to #GivingTuesday, there are a few that should be employed without hesitation.

  1. Content is king – especially video content

Content consistently motivates donors, so make sure your content is solid. Focusing on need, testimonials and compelling videos and imagery will move donors to action. Paint a picture of the need that your not-for-profit meets, so that donors and prospects understand the solution they can be a part of.

  1. Leverage a matching offer

Matching offers are consistently best performers. With this in mind, matching offers can also be a great way to differentiate your campaign on #GivingTuesday. As donors look to make a large impact and spend wisely, the option to double (or even triple) their investment will make them more likely to give.

  1. Up the urgency

Recall the large thermometers that schools and churches use to track fundraising progress? There is a reason they do. This best practice can be used digitally as well by placing a clock or thermometer into your creative to generate a sense of urgency and incentivize giving. 

  1. Use digital – not print

While the normal inclination in advertising is to lean towards fully integrated campaigns with all channels firing, on #GivingTuesday, feel free to steer clear of direct mail. #GivingTuesday was created as an online holiday – so advertise on the appropriate channels. Just like you wouldn’t run your best store offers on Cyber Monday, there is no need to send your best direct mail on #GivingTuesday.

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