Investing in Project Management: The Dream Team

By Sima Parekh in Project Management on December 4th, 2014

This Dream Team works hand in hand to make sure our clients get what they need. Each account executive and project manager brings their own expertise to the table to deliver the best creative product on time, on budget and within the agreed scope. Whether it's a 60-second DRTV spot or a brand site overhaul for mobile design, the process all goes through Project Management.

 direct response project management investment

So, what’s the big deal about adding project managers?

With the digital world providing instant feedback, agencies must keep pace, staying agile so they can respond to feedback as fast as it comes in. And who better to keep processes nimble and responsive than a project manager who has been doing exactly that for years in IT, web development and digital realms?

A good PM is hard-wired to see around corners, to assume there will be changes made on any given project at any time, and anticipate risks before they materialize. They communicate with the appropriate stakeholders regularly, keeping them out in front of the impact that can affect scope, schedule or budget, all while minimizing disruption to every aspect of the project, be it digital or traditional. This communication alerts the Account Services team and the client to possible cost overruns before they happen, allowing the client smarter, more proactive and efficient control of the way they spend their money.

And speaking of money, there are always more moving parts to every project than can be calculated, and this is where strong project managers shine: A good project manager will be able to redefine schedules and reallocate resources easily to get the project and budget back on track with minimal headache and waste.

BKV’s project managers have a single goal: Deliver the needs of the client. After all, we aren’t just responsible for the completion of the project; we’re responsible for the success of the project, which we measure by whether or not we have a happy client who gets what they wanted, when they wanted it, for the cost they wanted.

So, what exactly do you get from BKV project managers?

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Complete project schedules
  • Accurate resource allocation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Improved change requests
  • Efficiency across the creative and development team
  • Increased transparency throughout the project
  • Clear, consistent communication

How does this help our clients?

  • Increased budget accuracy
  • Minimized time overruns
  • Greater accuracy of project delivery time
  • Reduced scope creep
  • Improved project ROI

How does BKV benefit from the Dream Team?

  • Increased opportunity to earn client confidence
  • Improved morale via a more balanced workload
  • Greater accountability
  • More accurate project reporting

As the AE and PM relationship grows stronger, BKV will continue to meet the demands of our clients more efficiently. And that means BKV clients will continue to benefit from the changes driving this industry.

Bottom line: It’s really hard to be a client in the ever-changing digital world, but BKV is committed to taking care of you at every step to ensure you get the best results.

Who do you have at the agency watching your bottom line? At BKV, our Account Service team and our Project Management team work together to make sure our clients are taken care of — from the beginning of the sales cycle through execution. That means you get what you ask for…on time and on budget. Because, let’s face it. A good project manager wouldn’t have it any other way.

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