Integrated Media: The New “It” Girl

By BKV in Media Strategy on May 7th, 2010

Integration is "the" catch phrase in media right now. We acknowledge it as a requirement in new business RFPs and see it touted in our in-box newsletters every week (I got three this week alone talking about it). In my opinion, if we were Hollywood, integration would be the new "it girl" over social, mobile, search, and dynamic display ads. Why? Simple: it really is not a channel - it encompasses all channels. And, the truth is, most of us could be using integration more efficiently to take our advertising efforts to the next level. Even though we say our campaigns are integrated, how integrated are they really? Can we be more integrated? Is it enough to say, "yes, our search ads match our display ads and landing pages", or even better, "yes we plan offline and online in tandem and ensure we are leveraging each other's messaging, flighting, and media partners for placements and added value?" Sure, that's integrated. But, we can do more. Here's an idea of how to integrate more using only digital strategies (for you digital only shops - you too can be more integrated):
  1. Do immersive research into all target possibilities, use all tools including social listening - define each target and create specific experiences/campaigns
  2. Use this research to inform your search campaigns, ad-groupings, messaging and landing pages
  3. Use this research to inform content matched campaigns that mirror your ad-groups - yes, you can create ad-groups in content match and select specific sites and creative to be used for each "target" ad-group
  4. Buy profiles of "target" cookies through BT companies like Audience Science to increase reach and seed your campaign
  5. Create social networks that are specific to each target
  6. Use search to drive social engagement specific to each target - sending the clicks to not only the landing pages, but to the social networks you are using
  7. When you have enough data, socially extend yourself through companies like Six Apart or Media Six Degrees to find and utilize connections using display
  8. Do the same using social email through companies like Strongmail
  9. Involve a highly segmented re-targeting campaign for each social, search, and display landing page mapped to the target
  10. Create a communication strategy using all digital channels: dynamic display ads, dynamic landing pages, and auto-enabled social outreach via tools like where content can be pushed to specific social networks automatically by keyword tags relevant to the target
  11. Finally, collect mobile numbers on specific landing pages and segment the messages you push by target and time these with your CRM
Now, simply take it to the next level and layer in offline:
  1. Utilizing your research, place ads in the shows and print pubs viewed by this target and drive them to the landing pages created for each target - we know we can't get reach on the web anymore, and that's where offline comes in...
  2. Finally, flight this whole thing together in a nice strategic way and you'll have true integration, and integration with good legs...every "It girl" has them.
Let me know what you think and what else you would add to accessorize her...