Instagram Video Attempts to Prune Vine

By Jessica Newfield in Social Media on July 8th, 2013

It’s been a busy month for social network changes: after YouTube’s switch to One Channel and Twitter’s release of free analytics, it’s now Instagram’s turn to roll out something big. The wildly-successful social networking and photo-sharing app, known for its square images and dream-like filter options, has launched video—an obvious response to the growing popularity of another micro-format platform, Vine. So how do the two compare? Check out our handy chart to see how they stack up.

Instagram-Vine Table

Clearly the winner is Instagram—for now. But brands are still embracing both (check out videos from Lululemon and Lowes), so Vine-loyalists shouldn’t despair just yet. Not to be outdone, Twitter revealed the same week that Vine would be introducing new features soon but stopped just short of announcing what those might be. Users will have to wait and see if the changes allow Vine to maintain its hold on the micro-video space or if the power of Instagram makes it the new platform of choice. With the social media landscape changing as rapidly as ever, BKV's Social Media team is always available to help brands navigate the latest apps, platforms and trends. Contact BKV's social media experts today!