I’d Like to Thank the Academy …

By BKV in BKV News on June 8th, 2010

I've always wanted to say that, but the people I really want to thank are BKV's clients. This year BKV has been graced with a multitude of awards including AMYs, AIMA, and DMA Atlanta. Across multiple categories including Multi-media/Integrated, Web Creative, Social, and many lines of business such as HoneyBaked Ham Company, Equifax, Sokolove and AT&T Mobility - just to name a few. While these awards provide a great sense of gratification for the hard work we provide for our clients, what it makes me most proud is the great group of clients we have at BKV. Winning awards isn't the measurement of success for an agency, but rather the quality of partnership we create with our clients: a partnership where the ad agency isn't treated like a vendor, but rather like an extension of our clients' marketing team.Equifax Facebook Page So, as I reflect on the accolades we've received this year, I think about the faith our clients placed in us that helped us to create the award-winning work. For our client Equifax, it was taking a chance on social media, which is a tall order for a credit bureau where transparency it's the norm. Here, Equifax worked very closely with BKV to launch a Facebook Fan page that served their customers and "fans", not corporate goals. It meant dealing with the negativity that is almost unavoidable when you're a regulated company, for the off chance that we might start to form a dialogue with people that might better educate them about the credit reporting and scoring industry. Think about this ... a credit bureau opening themselves up for all kinds of ‘who knows what' on Facebook and they did it. Not only did they do it, but they did it right, making Facebook a great community for their customers to get helpful information and talk about their credit. Then there is AT&T mobility, with whom we've partnered with for years across multiple brand evolutions or rebirths (Cingular, AT&T Wireless to just AT&T). Throughout the many years of agency consolidation and re-orgs, BKV has survived as an integral partner even though we're not AT&T's main creative or media buying shop. AT&T valued the direct response thinking BKV has brought to the table whether for direct mail, paid search or CRM. Even though we're only one of many, many partners - AT&T is phenomenal when it comes to listening to new ideas BKV brings to the table to stay ahead of the marketing curve. It's reflections like these that make me proud to serve the clients of BKV. Whether big or small, flashy or customary, our clients have always valued our opinions and insights as we try to guide their marketing investments in the right direction. For this I am grateful ... and an award here and there is simply icing on the cake!


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