How to Use Real-Time Listening to Drive Twitter ROI

By Erin Henson in Social Media on December 12th, 2013

Social media provides brands the unique opportunity to talk directly—one-on-one—with their advocates. The vast majority of brands are now active on social platforms and some are doing a great job of engaging consumers that have “liked” them on Facebook or followed them on Twitter. However, few have successfully implemented real-time social listening, therefore missing the opportunity to drive qualified leads via social.

Why Real-Time Social Monitoring Matters

Real-time social listening consists of monitoring conversations based on keywords, hashtags and even location and finding opportunities where your brand can insert its voice. There are millions of conversations taking place every day, and users expect their voices to be heard. Brands that are partaking in real-time social listening and interacting with these users by providing relevant and useful content are reaping the benefits - earning loyalty and even leads and sales. Dunkin Donuts' Phoenix location is doing this right. By monitoring for specific keywords (coffee, caffeine, tired, etc.) in tweets that are being sent surrounding the Phoenix area, they have been able to target the right users at the right time by offering a mobile coupon for a free cup of coffee.

DD Phoenix

@DunkinDonutsPHX is listening to the needs of customers in their geographical area and is responding with an authentic solution that also provides them the opportunity to collect email addresses. Beyond that, they are helping to strengthen and develop brand loyalty, while providing real value to these potential customers. Implementing real-time social listening provides a tremendous opportunity to boost ROI within your Twitter campaigns by engaging customers at the right time with the right message. As social and mobile technology continues to evolve, geo-local targeting will become even more sophisticated, allowing for better user customization. Interested in talking to our social media experts to find out how real-time social listening can work for your brand? Contact us today!