How To Take Advantage of the Swing to Native Advertising

By BKV in Digital Marketing on November 20th, 2017

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Native ads have become a huge deal in digital advertising in the last few years. In fact, the 600 percent increase in native ad spending between 2014 and 2016 far surpassed projections, and we're expecting to see a similar trend for 2017.

The question, at this point, is whether the investment has paid off for typical companies that bet big on native strategies. The answer is mixed. However, it is clear that there is no slowing down in the near future.

The following is a look at the results of the significant investment in native digital advertising and insights on what to expect moving forward.

Struggles for Early Adopters

As with many new business endeavors, companies that take the first plunge often experience struggles. Entertainment brands, B2C technology providers, and financial services companies were among those that invested in native in the early days of enthusiasm.

However, the above Venture Beat report showed that companies in these sectors have decreased their native investments by about 20 percent between 2014 to 2016. This diminished buy-in suggests less return on investment than was initially anticipated.

The Ad Blocker Motive

Increased use of ad blocker tools is a primary catalyst for the shift from conventional digital advertising approaches to more native strategies. According to a July 2016 eMarketing study, 63 percent of millennials use an ad blocker tool on desktop, mobile, or both.

With a native approach, your branded messages are integrated into the editorial content on a page, mitigating the effects of ad blockers and enabling a much higher number of message impressions.

The Digital/Native Trend

Despite the struggles of early adopters, the trend toward more native ads isn't slowing down. In 2017, digital advertising is projected to surge past television ad spending. Much of this investment is going to native. By 2021, native may account for 74 percent of the dominant digital advertising landscape.

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How to Take Advantage

To succeed in the massive native advertising push, it is important to learn from the mistakes of early adopters and to leverage best practices. The following are some strategies and tips for achieving success with native advertising:

  • Align with premium publishers - The more targeted your sponsored content is to the audience of a publisher, the more accepted your promoted messages become.
  • Emphasize display - Display advertising has surpassed search in ad spending as animated technology and targeting has improved. Native display is expected to gain increased traction, as audiences pay more attention to and engage more with visual content.
  • Consider video content - Currently, video falls just behind written content in terms of native ad spending by format. As younger audiences consume higher volumes of video content, native advertising benefits from increased opportunity to capture interested viewers.


The data is clear, that despite struggles of early adopters, companies are generally winning with native advertising strategies. Return on investment from this ad strategy is expected to soar in coming years.


To take advantage, you need to invest in the right native approaches. As your expert partner, BKV can help.

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