How to Integrate Short-Lived Video Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

By BKV in Social Media on October 17th, 2017

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Short-lived videos, like broadcast commercials, are fleeting messages. Unlike content that is uploaded and endures, these videos disappear after a viewing or a specified period of time. Although popularized by Snapchat, short video content is prominent through other tools, channels, and promotional mechanisms.

The following is an overview of strategies and tips to help you integrate short-lived video content into your marketing strategy.

Know Your Target Audience and Preferences

Don't just produce and post disappearing videos because you read that this type of content is trendy. You have to know your audience and its interests, including preferred communication channels and processes.

Seniors, for instance, have very little use for Snapchat or the short-lived video platform. However, Generation Z loves Snapchat and engaging with livestreaming and disappearing content. This is the generation of people born between 1995 and 2009. Thus, if your current target is in the 8 to 22 age range, pay close attention to short-lived video opportunities.

Start with Snapchat

As mentioned, there are other options after you become an expert in developing and distributing short-lived video content. However, Snapchat is essentially the pioneer and king of this format, the largest channel for it, and your best connection to an especially young marketplace. Snapchat has over 150 million daily users and serves up over 7 billion videos per day

The basic video feature of Snapchat is recorded videos of up to 10 seconds that appear in your feed and in the timeline of your followers for up to 24 hours. Because of its short message life, Snapchat has strong user engagement based on the notion than users don't want to miss out on important content.

Produce Desirable Content

The most important element of success in short-lived video content is creating features that attract interest, followers, and engagement. The young population that thrives on this format is notorious for its 8-second attention span, which means you have brief moments to earn and keep interest. 

The following are some tips on delivering quality short-lived video content:

Make It Valuable: Your audience must crave access to the brief video messages you share. Exclusive content is helpful, but make each video impactful with brand or product information. Tell followers how your company helps them address a problem. 

Entertain: One of the reasons marketers succeed on Snapchat is because they promote in a way that doesn't seem pitchy to a guarded audience. Focus on entertaining and telling stories that play out over time. Often, it is better to work your branding in subtly. Behind-the-scenes exposure to your company is also effective for short videos.

Offer Deals: Thanks to Groupon and similar firms, U.S. consumers have become deal-hungry in recent years. Offer exclusive deals or promotions in your Snapchat videos that incentivize people for following you and paying attention. You don't have to include a discount on every message, but do so often enough to keep people coming back.

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Short-lived video content is a tremendous method for connecting with young and younger audiences. Without a plan, though, your efforts can do more harm than good. You must understand how Snapchat works and prepare content that appeals to its users.

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