Hasbro Fans Elect Cat, Iron Ousted

By BKV in Social Media on February 12th, 2013

case-for-the-cat-monopoly As I took a 5-minute internet-browsing break before working on a different blog post, I stumbled upon a headline too horrifying to ignore: “Monopoly “fans” vote to remove the iron; replace it with a cat token.” My first two thoughts were: 1)    No one wants to be the iron anyway. It’s not even cool enough to guard the Free Parking pot (that’s the cannon’s job). 2)    A cat!? I love Monopoly, but I’m by no means a Monopoly traditionalist.  After all, the last version of Monopoly I played was Nintendo Monopoly – not “video game” Monopoly, but a traditional Monopoly board game that’s Nintendo themed (and of course, more awesome). Much like Doritos fan-chosen 2013 Super Bowl commercial, Hasbro gave their Facebook fans the ability to decide their future. And kudos to Hasbro for using social media to engage their 10+ million consumers who have “liked” their page, but we need to do better as a society with the power these brands are giving us. Look at what the other options were… ONE’S A TOY ROBOT WITH A MUSTACHE! And we’re supposed to believe this self-entitled cat, who looks like he was born with all 4 Railroads plus Boardwalk and Park Place, was the top choice? I prefer the rags to riches story of the scruffy Scottie Dog. In the meantime, yes Hasbro, I will be purchasing a copy of classic Monopoly “before one token disappears forever.”