Google Caffeine – Debunking the Rumors

By BKV in Analytics & Information on July 22nd, 2010

If you follow search engine news, you may know that Google recently rolled out a new change called Caffeine. SEO bloggers around the world have been creating content around topics like "What does Caffeine mean for your site's SEO?" and other questions that searchers are asking. The truth is...Google Caffeine likely did not even affect your site's rankings. The BKV SEO team is here to debunk some of the rumors surrounding Google Caffeine. Caffeine was not an algorithm (i.e. ranking) change, but rather a change in the way Google indexes the web. You might be asking yourself...what does that mean? Here's the deal: when you search on Google, you are not searching the real time web, but rather Google's index of the web. So in some cases there might be extremely fresh content (e.g. breaking news) that Google has not yet indexed, and therefore will not show up in Google search results. Google Caffeine The Caffeine update is one of Google's many attempts at fixing this problem. Google has said that the Caffeine update will allow them to "grow with the web." This statement makes good sense; the internet grows larger every day, so for a search engine that needs to index as much of the web as possible, changes will likely need to be made in order to keep up. Google's prior method was to index the web through a batch process, which means that if the GoogleBot crawls 50 pages, then every page must be run through the algorithm (judging links, content, etc.) before any of those pages are pushed live. Even if one page was ready to be pushed live, Google was waiting until all 50 pages were done before pushing them live. The difference with Caffeine - and it really is this simple - is that pages go through this process in real time. As soon as a page is ready to be pushed live, it goes live. The end result of saving a few seconds here and there is that Google is providing 50% fresher content. Keep up with your SEO best practices and you should be fine. Target keywords in your title tags and body copy, continue to produce relevant content through a blog if your main site is static (like us!), and continue to ping your content through social media like Twitter that Google can crawl. Caffeine hasn't changed any of the basic SEO best practices, it has only brought more content to Google's index.