Get to Know…Katie Leed

By BKV in Our People on April 24th, 2012

Katie Leed has walked the halls of BKV for 5.5 years...

and everyone would agree, has truly made a great impact! Read more to find out how to become a pro-prankster like her and Josh Hecht. 

1. Position:  Senior Account Executive

2. How long have you been at BKV? 5.5 years

I started as an intern after college and I have been here ever since.

3. Rumor has it that you and your counterpart, Josh Hecht are quite the pranksters. Tell us about the latest prank you pulled on Paul Carpenter. It was a great one!

Paul, Josh and I used to work together and Paul was always playing pranks on me, but I could never seem to get him back. So for Christmas Josh got me an “annoy-a-tron”.  It’s  a tiny device that beeps every 5 minutes and the pitch changes every time, so you can’t tell where the beeping is coming from. There’s a magnet on the back, so we hid it inside the top of his file cabinet. 

Paul couldn’t figure out what the noise was, he was checking the batteries in everything, looking under his desk, calling people in to listen for the noise.  He was so confused he even held his mouse to his ear to see if it was coming from there.  Every other week or so we would turn it off for a few days to make him think it was gone and then turn it back on.  After 2 months he had given up and started to ignore it, so we decided it was time to let him know it was us.

When this email goes out I’m sure Paul will respond with his own version of the story.

4. On the coattails of your recent engagement, have you found “the dress”?

Yes!  When my fiancé isn’t home I walk around the house in it!

5. Does anyone make fun of you in regards to your height, Fodo?

Kwesi Robertson!  He loves to pretend that I am lost child running around the office.

6. So BKV seems to be in the family. Is it true that your mom worked here?

Yes.  My mom worked at BKV off and on for several years .  She keeps asking if she can come back and interview but I won’t let her.

7. BKV has a herd of TV fanatics. What’s your favorite TV show?

We recently cancelled cable but I watch shows on Netflix. Right now I’m watching Sons of Anarchy.  It’s awesome!

I’m embarrassed to admit this but when I had cable, I loved the real housewives shows- except Atlanta.

8. While stalking your Facebook page, we saw that you and a couple of BKVers were at Phipps arena. What did you go to see?

Jana, Katherine, Mindy, Kim, Brinson, Josh and I were at a Hawks game with our Google reps. I don’t usually watch basketball, but it was a lot of fun.

9. Hey Katie, where are your roots? Are you from Georgia or somewhere exotic, like Iowa?

I’m from Georgia. I was born in Atlanta and we moved to Athens when I was 5. After college at UGA  I moved back to Atlanta. I haven’t lived outside of Georgia, but in my 5 years in Atlanta I have lived in just about every part of town; Midtown, VA highlands, East Atlanta, Buckhead.  Now I live in Dunwoody.