Get to Know…Dave Mundo

By BKV in Our People on September 11th, 2012

He's obsessed with helping clients and marketers improve their bottom line, a big fan of the Chicago White Sox and was a key member of the Beer's softball team this past season. Dave Mundo is definitely a guy you want to get to know. 1. Position: VP, Analytics Director.  Less “reporting analytics” and more “data modeling analytics”.  I blame Google Analytics for me having to qualify this every time I open my mouth. 2. How long have you been at BKV? Since January 2012, so this whole agency life is new to me.  There’s a keg in the break room for cryin’ out loud. 3. You’ve got a special place in your heart for another city besides Atlanta…tell us a little more about what makes you most proud of that city…Pizza, Baseball? Are you referring to Chicago?  I grew up/lived there my whole life until relocating to Atlanta two years ago. Among the things I miss most about Chicago:  The White Sox and good pizza.  I’m a huge baseball fan and have been a White Sox fan since birth (I even attended Disco Demolition Night) and was a season ticket holder for 15 years before skipping town.  I admit it starts to get strange when the ballpark beer vendors know your name and recognize you at the airport (true story).  Thank you, MLB.TV, for allowing me to still watch/listen to the South Siders any time I want. Atlanta generally has weak pizza.  Before you say, “Antico” and “Verasano’s”, I implore all Atlantans to check out Aurelio’s Pizza, a Chicago chain that inexplicably opened a location in Marietta last summer (just for me, I’m convinced).  Aurelio’s is easily my favorite Chicago pizza destination.  It’s the sauce. Having sung Chicago’s praises, I always loathed the winters and snow.  Given that, Atlanta rules. 4. You were a big time hitter for the BKV softball team – were you happy with how the season turned out?  That’s a clown question, bro. Sorry…what I meant to say was:  I was just glad to be there and to be a part of the team.  I just wanted to help the club any way I could.  We took the season one game at a time, stayed healthy, and were right there in the playoffs. We just went out there and had fun. (For more baseball interview clichés, click here.) Seriously though, in my countless softball games I’ve never been knocked out the playoffs by a walk-off grand slam.  I think our manager Josh is still having nightmares about how it ended.  I caught him shaking at his desk the other day muttering, “Jimbo” over and over again. 5. Want to share any exciting happenings that might be taking place on September 20th? Nothing really…maybe will mow the lawn and wash the car… Oh, wait, do you mean the Scientific Attribution webinar?  Anyone who has read this far should sign up.  If you miss it, we will be posting a recording on the BKV website. I feel like such a shill. 6. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given your son? That varies daily.  For instance, when he was singing along to “Call Me Maybe” the other day, I told him to stop singing immediately or I will take away all his toys.  I know he’s five, however it’s much more impressive that he likes The Pretty Things, Paul Revere & The Raiders, and The Replacements. 7. Current top five playlist: 1) The Beatles entire back catalog (can that count as one of my five?) 2) Isn’t it a requirement to live in Atlanta and like Mastodon?  Speaking of Atlanta, I also dig Manchester Orchestra. 3) Swervedriver  – “Duel” (one of my favorite bands) 4) 80s hardcore punk 5) Spiritualized – “Come Together” 6) StSanders’ shreds.  Oh how I love thee. Oops, sorry that’s six.  I was never good with numbers.