Get to Know…Paul Carpenter

By BKV in Our People on August 30th, 2011


In the competitive landscape of non-profits...

BKV's "Champion of Charities," Paul Carpenter, finds a great marriage of humor and charitable insights, that speaks to his time here at the agency. From the best advice he has ever given his son, to the next big thing in the world of non-profits, read more to understand exactly why the word "extraordinaire" is included in his title. 


Position:  Account Supervisor Extraordinaire. Really, that’s the title Virginia gave me.  Not sure what it means.  But I think “Account Senior Supervisor” wasn’t going to look good on a business card.  You know, look at the acronym. I could never be an A.S.S.   Never.  That takes years of practice.

Years with BKV: I think this question should be reworded … maybe, “How many decades have you been with BKV?”  Or, “How many generations have passed through BKV?” 1.2 decades and I have seen some people’s kids go from elementary school … to college.  Geez, I’m old.

Last TV show watched:  Entourage … reminds me of my early days at BKV.

How did you prepare for Hurricane Irene? By sending Tweets out to The Weather Channel – I could see through their shenanigans.  100% positive they had mandatory production meetings in which the Executive producer said, “Guys.  Roll up your sleeves and look as if you’ve been up all day/night covering this.”  The only problem, if they had done that, would they really have the top button of their shirts still buttoned and their ties tight around the neck?  Hey … pick a look fellas. 

Thoughts concerning Steve Jobs resignation? Do you think it’s Apple’s Apocalypse? I think at this point, you and I could run Apple.  It’s a juggernaut and cannot be stopped … kind of like Rupert Murdoch.  What … He was hacking people’s phones…? Can someone call a doctor and see that Steve Jobs is taken care of immediately. 

What has BKV taught you? How to always be right.  Is that not politically correct?  Well, how to be politically correct then.

Next “big” thing for non-profits? Me, of course.  I mean, I’m not a slight fellow.  I like to eat and I like to end each meal with a dessert.  What can I say!?  Oh … you mean “big” in the sense of the next great idea, tactic or strategy.  Well, in my opinion the next “big” thing SHOULD be for non-profits to all take part of online and social media as much as possible.  For-profit clients are way ahead here, primarily because of budgets and many non-profits being highly accountable for every dollar spent.  But online (primarily social) is the perfect medium to expand your reach and tap into a potentially larger (and younger) donor pool.

Best advice you ever gave your son: 2 things:  (1) Tell your mom, “Nice couture”.  And (2) “Hit the water” … I don’t do toilets and I don’t want our cleaning lady to think it’s me. 

Is it true that you are known as the “BKV Pool Shark”? No … never heard that.  I mean, who’s got time to play pool?  Come to think of it, you must be thinking of Josh Hecht.  I see him playing ALL the time.  Must be slow up there.

Current top five playlist: Depends on what day you catch me.  If we check my phone after dropping Camden off, it’s going to be on Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry or Neyo.

If it’s not my day to take him, then I would say:

1.       All I Need – Radiohead

2.       Fascination Street – The Cure

3.       Split Me Wide Open – The Bravery

4.       1901 – Phoenix

5.       Obstacle 1 – Interpol

Do I have to limit it to 5?  That’s not even do-able.  I just gave you the five I could think of right now.  These never get old … and can make you do about 94 mph down 75.  Cheers!