Get to Know…Matt Rowell

By BKV in Our People on November 15th, 2011

Have a problem?...

This guy can save the day. With the great conversations he brings to work...and the delicious cupcakes, we sure are grateful he drives an hour to get here! 


1. Position: Systems Administrator

2. Word on the 9th floor, is that you normally have some pretty good looking lunch meals thanks to your wife. What’s your favorite meal that she fixes? First things first; I love to cook and so does Kelly. But, since she beats me home by over an hour she does most of the cooking and me, the cleaning. OK here's the thing, certain meals taste better the next day. You all know it's true, just think about the last time you had Japanese Hibachi the next day…mmmm! That being said one of my most favorite meals is leftover Chicken and Corn Chowder that Kelly makes in the crock pot.

3. Halloween has come and gone but we can’t go through this “Get to Know” without hearing about your Halloween costume. It was genius! What were you and where did the inspiration come from? So this Halloween I dressed up as Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman. A buddy of mine used a similar costume a few years back so I was pretty confident that I could pull it off too. Anchorman is by far my all-time most favorite movie which I can easily quote with about 95% accuracy. If I had to guess I'd say I've seen it at least 60 times.

4. Have you always lived in Atlanta? If not, where was home before this? I've lived in the Atlanta area my entire life (I grew up in Powder Springs) and it's funny how often people tell me that they don't meet many people who were born and raised here.

5. What has BKV taught you? No joke, I've been doing IT support for over 11 years but have learned a ton here at BKV! The biggest thing that BKV has taught me is that an hour long commute isn't all that bad if you really enjoy the work that your doing.

6. Favorite TV show:  This is hard! It's a close tie between Modern Family and Happy Endings, although Happy Endings has some of the best one liners that I've heard since, well…Anchorman.

7. Do you have any hobbies aside from saving the world with IT? I'm a novice woodworker and my wife and I are amateur bloggers:

8. What’s the most common request/problem you get from the employees here at BKV? It seems like the most common request that we get are new hires. Sometimes it seems like BKV is just hiring people left and right and believe me there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make that happen!

9. How scary is the power of IT? It’s very big brother, isn’t it? Sure there's a lot of damage that we could cause being in IT but I think we all enjoy our jobs more than mucking around and breaking things. And ok I'll confess that maybe there is a little bit of a power trip being in IT (nothing like being a cop). As far as being everyone's big brother do many folks really think that? I mean, really? We've all (IT Staff) got a lot of things on our plates keeping us busy day in and day out and of course there's those drive-by questions that we get from time to time.

10. When is it again that the PR department will be receiving their new macbook laptops? We kid, we kid. …but, seriously. Hardware requests, yes even for the PR Department, still happen with a managers' approval. In no way am I trying to pass the buck here.

11. Current top five playlist: What I listen to mostly now are audio books (please see Question 5). However, I grew up listening to and unashamedly still enjoy Country music. Yes my musical horizon has expanded and there are plenty of other songs, from many different genres, that I really enjoy. Having said that, here's my top five. Please note that 3 of these are about drinking and is purely a coincidence!

       1. Drink in my hand by Eric Church 

       2. Pretty Good at drinkin' beer by Billy Currington 

       3. Fish by Craig Campbell-If you absolutely detest Country music give this a shot it's absolutely hilarious!

       4. Don't want this night to end by Luke Bryan 

       5. Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith