Get to Know…Marleen Anderson

By BKV in Our People on October 18th, 2011

Our CEO of the front desk...

isn’t just marvelous, she’s amazing! Get to know why the first impression here at BKV is one of the best.


1. Position: The Most-Fantastic BKV Receptionist (Official title)

2. What is your favorite part of your job?  Greeting BKV guests, clients and new staff.  

3. Fall is upon us! Which means Halloween is right around the corner…what are you planning on dressing up as? I don’t have any intention on dressing up for Halloween, but I will give out candy.

4. You are an avid sports fan, some may even call you an aficionado. You LOVE the Celtics but who is your favorite football team? You know I am from Boston, so of course, the New England Patriots.

5. What has BKV taught you?  It is not what BKV has taught me it is what I taught them LOL, I taught BKV that you can juggle all team members on Facebook. I know who is going to be out before they ever make a call into the office. The power of Facebook is amazing for office management.  

6. Favorite TV show:   Anything related to sports. Even Basketball Wives, yes “guilty” pleasure. Thanks VH1!

7. You’re originally from the American arctic circle we call “Boston”, what do you miss the most about the city?    The thing I miss most about Boston is walking through the city in the summer time and spending time with my 3 sons.

8. How difficult is it to teach people to press “8” instead of “9” when dialing out? It is very difficult to teach some people how to dial a single number. Ugh, long story! The local police department, understands. Hey, Greg, shout out to the APD.

9. If you could be on any game show, which one would you love to be on?  Family Feud, of course!

10. Current top five playlist:  I listen to all Old School music, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, The O’Jays, you get the picture.  that rap crap has to go. LOL