Get to Know…Erin Ledford

By BKV in Our People on September 20th, 2011

Get to know a "new" fresh face...


Erin's Mentor: Kwesi Robertson
Brief Bio: I’ve been working at BKV for almost a year now as the PR/Social Media Strategist. Some of the accounts I touch are Realtree, ARS/Rescue Rooter, Kool Smiles, FEIN, SecureWorks, Prison Fellowship, New Business and Agency Social Media and PR. I’m the resident Veronica Mars, my nickname is Kwe$ha and I have a deep love for free swag and unicorns.

Why Erin? Erin is our in-house Southern Belle that has an affinity for social media and a natural talent for public relations. It’s a great thing when a new employee can acclimate to a dynamic corporate culture, it is quite another when they can aid in improving it. Erin’s contributions are strongly seen in our BKV blog and growing PR department. Erin’s a great asset with a LOUD voice and an even brighter future.

Position: PR/Social Media Coordinator  

How long have you been here and how did you get started?: It has almost been 4 months for me here at BKV…wow! That’s a long time, right? I guess it’s true…time flies when you are having fun! Cheesy, I know. I started here on May 31st as an associate and after the 3 month program, got hired on as a full time employee (or according to Todd Bemis, a Ford Truck Enthusiast). Hallelujah! I wasn’t ready to leave.

What are the top two best quotes you’ve heard since being here at BKV? Does this mean I have to give credit where credit is due? Fine… “Take my eye! Not my account!” - @KwesiRobertson “Hey y’all! Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.” - @KwesiRobertson Note: I clearly spend a lot of my time here at BKV with @KwesiRobertson.

You are a TV aficionado (which is just a fancy way of saying “couch potato”): What TV show and movie best illustrates your experience as a new hire: I’m proud of my dedication to TV. Which is why this question is more than easy for me…Suits. Hands down. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor, and watch it! …Movie? Oh, this is easy. The Devil Wears Prada…because it’s a new experience, and I’m learning something new every day. It has nothing to do with the working with the Devil part! 

Where do you spend the “least” amount of time? My desk. What? I’m a PR and social gal, always on the move…or most of the time you can find me at Kwesi’s desk.

People say that your iPhone is permanently glued to your hand, what is your favorite app? That first of all isn’t true at all, ok maybe a little bit true. But I do always like to have my phone close by in case of any client emergencies. However, I’ve also been known to enjoy the Pinterest app…a lot.

What was your first impression of BKV and what key factors made you want to work here? (Hint: @kwesirobertson) I was really so impressed with the respect that this agency shows, between co-workers and for clients. Everyone here really wants the best, and not only for themselves. I think that’s something a lot of companies lose sight of. The key factor that made me want to work here was @KwesiRobertson. That wasn’t forced at all was it? In all seriousness, the passion Kwesi has behind his work is something I admire, and anyone who can make work fun is great in my book. BKV is a great place, and one of those places that you want to be a part of, I’m so thankful I have gotten that chance!

What has BKV taught you? Everything. People always said I’d learn more at my first job than I did in college. But shhhh…don’t tell my parents that.

Next “big” thing for Public Relations/Social? Apparently not Google +. Google’s CEO hasn’t even posted on the social network since last month. I believe it might be plummeting.

There are whispers that the BKV PR team has a nickname…a dynamic duo that rivals Batman and Robin and even Cheech and Chong! What is it and explain the meaning behind it? Rivals? Please. So much better. So excited to share this with the world. It’s the team of…Fire & Nice. I somehow got singled out as the nice one, and  Kwesi wears the Fire in this team. I’m a little jealous. Let me help you with a visual...


So you started working at BKV at an exciting time, the company is celebrating 30 years of business…anything on the PR front we should be expecting (Shameless plug)? YES! Everyone come back to the BKV blog on Thursday…it involves creativity, money and of course, Cinderella. You’re curious now, aren’t you?

Current top five playlist:
       1. Anything and everything by Michael Buble (is that cheating?)
       2. Andy Grammer – Keep your Head Up
       3. Boyce Avenue – Fast Car
       4. Billy Joel – Piano Man
       5. Did I mention Michael Buble?