Get to Know…BKV’s Associate Program

By BKV in Our People on January 3rd, 2012

BKV's associate program

...Is the perfect opportunity for entry level people looking for a start in the advertising world. Join us as two of our previous associates who are now full time employees here at BKV, Brinson Thomas and Erin Ledford tell us a little more about themselves and the program, and also get to know Allie Vadas, who is part of the associate program now! 

Get to Know...BKV's Associate Program and Allie Vadas

1. Position:  Digital Media Associate

2. What clients do you work on? I am working on the Spanx and March of Dimes accounts! They both are very different but are fun accounts to work on.

3. Tell us a little about where you’re from, and what brought you to Atlanta: I am a born and bred JERSEY GIRL! No really, I am… But let me explain. I live at the beach, not down the shore. I’m a local, not a benny. I’m the kind of Jersey Girl Bruce Springsteen sings about, not the ones MTV uses to corrupt the image of New Jersey all together. To be honest, they aren’t even from NEW JERSEY… but don’t get me started. What brought me to Atlanta? I’d have to chalk this one up to my spontaneity and independence. I figured I’d take my talents to Atlanta and see what happened. That and my aspirations of being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta helped too.

4. You are pretty active on Twitter…what are your Top 3 accounts to follow:

      @TMZ – Guilty Pleasure=Celebrity Gossip. TMZ keeps me up to date with all the drama in Hollywood.

      @90sgirlproblems – These tweets bring me back to the days at Bayside High with Mr. Belding and the one and only Zack Morris. I’ve seen every episode of Saved By the Bell at least twice and can usually recite lines from the episode. In college, I won a trivia contest because I could name the first and last name of every main character on the show… and I even knew what AC stood for… Okay, I’m a little obsessed.

      @BKVadvertising – OF COURSE! No explanation necessary.

5. Current top five playlist: 

         Jersey Girl – Bruce Springsteen – Self proclaimed anthem!

         Someone Like You – Adele – When played loud enough, it makes me feel like I sound like her when I’m singing in the car!

         Take Care – Drake and Rihanna – This song is just amazing.

         Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band – All time FAVORITE DMB song.

         All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey - ‘Tis The Season to Blast Mariah!!!!

6. What has been the most valuable experience out of the associate program? The most valuable experience from the associate program has been learning something new every day. At this point, I am still a sponge and taking in everything I can. BKV exposes you to so much and allows you to take advantage of a lot. For example, in my first week I was able to sit in on different meetings and presentations that allowed me to gain a lot of insight into the industry and how it works on a day-to-day basis.

7. Are there opportunities to learn from other departments in the agency?Definitely. If you are interested in other departments, all you have to do is ask and people will tell you all about what they do. For example, the PR department is made up of two of my favorite people, so I always take the opportunity to learn about all the fun things they are doing!

8. What’s the work environment like? Is it team oriented? The work environment is very casual, but at the same time, it is filled with people who work hard. BKV’ers truly value the “work hard, play hard” mentality. This makes for a fun and upbeat work environment. I have been here for about two months now and I can honestly say I have enjoyed coming to work every day. I take pleasure in bragging about how awesome my job is to all my friends. That speaks volumes to the kind of people work here at BKV. BKV is very much team oriented. Everyone is a part of a team in one way or another. I am a part of a great team who has really shown me the ropes over the past two months. I have learned so much already and continue to learn something new every day!

9. Who do associates report to? I report to the media planners for the accounts I have been assigned and then ultimately the associate media director in charge of those clients. I work on a team of five, including myself, on two accounts.

Get to Know...BKV's Associate Program and Brinson Thomas


1. Position: Digital Media Assistant

2. How long have you been at BKV and how did you get started? I have been at BKV since late May and got hired full time in August.  I came out of college knowing that I wanted to go into digital marketing and Amanda Papini had come and spoken in one of my career development classes.  This led me to BKV and the rest is history!

3. What football stands would we have found you in this past season? I was in the northwest corner of Bobby Dodd Stadium cheering on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Go Jackets!!!!

4. If we were to run in to you at a concert…which one would it be? Which one would it not be?  Concerts are awesome!  I will go to just about any concert.  But some of the best/favorite concerts I’ve been to are Jimmy Buffet, DMB, John Butler Trio, and Eric Church.

5. Current top five playlist: Wow this is tough.  I honestly like all types of music and what I’m listening to usually has to do with what mood I’m in but here goes my best:
       1. “Carolina” by Eric Church – reminds me of good times in North Carolina.  
       2. “Everyday/#36” by DMB – all time favorite of his 

       3. When you're in the mood for some blue grass, Old Crow Medicine Show
       4. Insert random rap song when you’re in the mood to party 
       5. Jimmy Buffet at the beach – there’s nothing better

6. What has been the most valuable experience out of the associate program? The ability to get real experience in the work environment.  You aren’t just an intern here at BKV to print reports and get coffee.  You are very involved in the day to day work.

7. What’s the work environment like? Is it team oriented? BKV is very team oriented – you are rarely on your own for a project. 

8. In your own words, describe the associate program. The associate program here at BKV is an internship that provides you a chance to gain great experience and possibly prove that you are worth a full time hire.

Get to Know...BKV's Associate Program and Erin Ledford


1. Position: PR/Social Media Coordinator 

2. How long have you been here and how did you get started?: It has been 7 months for me here at BKV…that’s a long time, right? I started here on May 31st as an associate and after the 3 month program, got hired on as a full time employee (or according to Todd Bemis, a Ford Truck Enthusiast). Hallelujah! I wasn’t ready to leave.

3. People say that your iPhone is permanently glued to your hand, what is your favorite app? That first of all isn’t true at all, ok maybe a little bit true. But I do always like to have my phone close by in case of any client emergencies. However, I’ve also been known to enjoy the Pinterest app…a lot.

4. What has BKV taught you? Everything. People always said I’d learn more at my first job than I did in college. But shhhh…don’t tell my parents that.

5. Current top five playlist:
       1. Anything and everything by Michael Buble (is that cheating?)
       2. Andy Grammer – Keep your Head Up
       3. Boyce Avenue – Fast Car
       4. Billy Joel – Piano Man
       5. Did I mention Michael Buble?

6. Do associates work together or on separate accounts? In my associate position, I did not work with other associates. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a chance to get to know each other through client meetings and agency events!

7. What’s the work environment like? Is it team oriented? It truly is all about team work here! Being creative and strategic is a constant part of the job, and being able to bounce ideas off your team members really makes a great outcome. The way people work together here at BKV is something to be applauded.

8. Why BKV? I have always been so impressed with the respect that this agency shows, between co-workers and for clients. Everyone here really wants the best, and not only for themselves. I think that’s something a lot of companies lose sight of. Plus, did you see our holiday card? This is such a group of fun and intelligent people that I am truly honored and lucky to work with!