Fundraising is Advertising. What?

By BKV in Non-Profit on May 19th, 2010

Yes friends, it's true. Fundraising—whether it be a function of a recognized non-profit organization or for yourself as you meet a financial goal during a marathon, boat race, or potato sack race—is actively getting a message out to your supporters and potential supporters asking them to give you money in exchange for the services you or your organization provides. Voila. Advertising. Coming from a branding background, I wasn't exactly clear of this connection myself until I joined BKV's Non-Profit Team. What we do for our clients is invaluable; providing fundraising consult from an advertising perspective and helping them grow their donor base. Fundraising can take the shape of so many mediums that you're already familiar with: Googling the term "charity" and giving to your favorite organization? That's paid search raising money. Creating a social media blitz to comment on organization-relevant blogs, asking for micro-donations to support a cause? That's social media raising money. Sending a taco to all your Facebook friends to benefit the Taco Bell foundation? That's cause-related marketing raising money. The bottom line: at BKV, we house brilliant minds that get inside of your non-profit to constantly push the envelope of fundraising. And we'd love to talk to you. Leave us a comment. Now, if only we'd come up with this gem; the winner of the current round of "Wish I'd Come Up With That!", my own personal ad-geek-out awards.  Enjoy!