5 Reasons DRTV Works

By Rhonda Schweber in Direct Marketing on July 22nd, 2013


Direct response television is a commercial that asks the viewer to respond directly via a toll free phone number or a website. And while this form of advertising is sometimes overlooked by marketers more focused on making a branding play, there are several reasons DRTV is uniquely positioned to yield impressive results. Here’s what makes DRTV different—and how it can work for your business. 1. A Clear Call To Action By definition, direct response television asks the viewer to take action now. This immediate response to the commercial is tracked, making every dollar spent accountable. For this reason, our DRTV campaigns are excellent lead generators, bringing thousands of potential customers to our clients so they can close the sale or increase their customer database. 2. Efficient CPMs DRTV is bought on a cost per thousand basis (or CPM). And since advertisers are essentially buying in bulk, DRTV rates are typically 30-50% below the rate card for the same audience. This allows you to buy the same commercial times at lower, more efficient CPMs. 3. Flexible Scheduling Since DRTV is bought differently than branding commercials, scheduling is much more fluid. Typically DRTV has a 72-hour cancellation policy, whereas branding usually has to be locked in two weeks prior to airing. This flexibility allows for ongoing optimizations—those last minute changes to keep pace with any trends you notice in markets or schedules—which in turn help ensure you’re getting the most out of your media buy. 4. Longer Lengths While the typical branding spot is only 30 seconds, short form DRTV commercials can be up to two minutes in length. This longer time frame gives direct response marketers the ability to convey their complete sales message. And more time has been proven to have a positive impact on results: research shows that 60-second spots consistently outperform 30-second ads, and commercials in the 120-second range do better still. In other words, the longer the viewers are exposed to the sales message, the more likely they are to take action. 5. Trackable Results Every DRTV commercial can have a unique phone number or URL which allows you to track the response of the ad. These unique phone numbers or URLs can be commercial specific to test the response of various creative executions. They can also be station specific to test the responsiveness of different locations or markets. Information gained from this valuable tracking allows direct response marketers to optimize their campaigns toward whatever is working best in order to achieve maximum results. In short, the ability to convey your full selling message paired with high levels of flexibility and accountability means that DRTV can be an excellent addition to your overall media strategy. BKV has more than thirty years of experience bringing quality leads at efficient CPMs to our clients. As one of the top direct marketing agencies, we can make direct response TV advertising work for your business. Contact us today!