Facebook’s New Buy Now Feature Could Mean Big E-Commerce Sales

By Lauren Austin in Industry News on August 3rd, 2015

See a shirt you want to buy on Facebook? Soon, you’ll be able to go from the first look to checkout all without ever leaving the social-turned-ecommerce site. This is a great opportunity to increase sales and for your social media marketing to provide an even greater user experience.

facebook buy screen tech crunchImage courtesy of TechCrunch.

Facebook will be taking another step away from just being a website for users to socialize with family and friends and toward a business-friendly e-commerce platform by selling products right from specialized Facebook pages. Users will be able to visit their favorite retailer’s Facebook page, select an item they would like to purchase and complete the entire checkout process all without leaving the site.


Facebook announced that this feature is currently being tested with a few select small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S., and it will likely expand out to more retailers based on the performance from this initial test. And although Facebook did not release the names of those retailers who are currently using this feature, they did release a mockup of what the platform would look like on mobile.


Facebook states that the credit or debit card information provided by users during a transaction will not be shared with other advertisers. A user has the option to save payment details for future purchases.


This, along with a few of Facebook’s recent announcements, shows marketers that the platform is very serious  about venturing into the e-commerce space and is already creating new features that support e-commerce opportunities. Just a few months ago, Facebook debuted its new business messenger features, allowing users to better connect with brands and even make purchases by communicating with brand representatives on Facebook messenger. This messenger feature is also currently being tested with select partners and will eventually roll out to all business pages.


The shopping feature also debuts at a time when e-commerce is in transition from desktop to mobile. As the amount of time that we spend on our phones continues to grow well past that of desktop usage (currently clocking in at 80% of our time on mobile apps), online commerce strategies are also adjusting to support this new trend of mobile shopping. For this reason, the mobile mockup features the shopping page very prominently on the retailers’ profile, right under the about section which could be seen by most mobile users without even having to scroll down the page.


With this change, some retailers’ social media marketing will take on a completely new identity. Rather than just informing users of different products, this feature will allow you to sell your items directly to that consumer. Gone are the days of adding your product page’s link with the hope that the user will be inclined enough to visit your website and make a purchase. Less redirecting means less chances of the user becoming distracted by something else during their checkout process and dropping off without completing the purchase.

This convenient form of shopping also means that there will be a little more work on the business end. If you haven’t started doing so already, this feature will require that each page manager upload images of the products that you are hoping to sell online. For some brands, this could mean that thousands of products should be uploaded to the Facebook shopping feature, and that they be regularly monitored and changed based on availability.

shopify and facebook announce expanded beta test for buy call to action button

While the new feature means that marketers may need to re-think their current strategy, we believe that the possible rewards will make the investments worthwhile.

How could your brand benefit from this new feature? Let us know how you would use Facebook shopping in the comments below.

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