Facebook Pages New Design – This Changes Everything (Screen Shot Tour)

By BKV in Media Strategy on February 10th, 2011

About 2 months ago we got a scoop on an accidental preview of some new Facebook Page updates. At that time Facebook said that the features were just experiemental and may not go live. We thought they would, and we were right. 

Today Facebook announced the real preview of the new Facebook Pages redesign. At this time Facebook Page admins can preview (or switch) to the new design voluntarily, with all pages being moved to this new design on March 10th. Below we'll take a look at some of these new features as well as the implications they have for the owners of Facebook Pages.

Layout Changes

The first noticeable change is one that most Facebook users should be familiar with, and that is that the layout for Facebook Pages now mimics those of individual users. That means you get a ribbon of recent images across the top. Also, tabs have disappeared and turned into sidebar navigation on the left hand side.

New Facebook Page Layout

New Features

With this change comes more than just a new layout - there are also great new features rolled into these pages. One of those is the ability to filter posts on your wall in a number of new ways. One of those is by "top posts by Everyone," or a News Feed type algorithm that bubbles interesting stories to the top and filters out low-interest posts.

New Wall Filters on Facebook Page

This is going to be a great way to allow for user interaction without worrying if interesting information is going to be at the top of your wall. But also watch out for spammers who may figure out how to get their posts a permanent spot on the top of your wall.

Another amazing new feature is the ability to use Facebook AS your Page.

Log in As Page on Facebook Fan Page

What this means is that you can interact on Facebook as your page just as if you were an individual. You can "like" other pages, see your news feed from the pages you've liked, and even get notifications specific to your page just as any user would. That means you'll have a much easier way to know when new users have liked your page, commented on photos or left wall posts. This is one of my favorite new features being rolled out.

Facebook Notifications when Logged in as Page

Another great thing for Facebook Page admins is that you now have the ability to comment on a page you adminster with your own personal profile instead of always as the page itself. To allow for this feature, go to Edit Profile and under Your Settings just uncheck the box that says Always comment and post on your page as PAGE even when using Facebook as USERNAME.

We also noticed (and this may be independent of the new Facebook Page updates) that you can now filter wall posts for profanity automatically. The filters are vague, with labels like Medium and Strong, but there is also the ability to set up your own keyword filter list, letting you have complete control of what makes it onto your Page's wall.

Facebook Page Moderation - Profanity Filter

One last change we noticed is that the boxes tab is *finally* being taken away. Facebook has warned pages for a year or more that boxes would be going away, and they finally made good on their threat. This doesn't mean custom tabs are going away or that you lose the chance to make a custom tab your default landing page as we originally saw in the leaked Page update back in December.

So what are your thoughts? After taking a spin through the screen shot tour or looking at the preview yourself, do you think this is a good change? What does this mean for your business?