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Close the Customer Gap with Conduit

By BKV in Analytics & Information on November 28th, 2012

Every successful marketer understands the importance of building a consistent brand. And it’s a fairly straightforward job when you’re able to exercise total control over the look, feel and tone of your communications.

But what about when you want to allow managers or salespeople to optimize offers and messages to their customers? How can you make customization possible without losing control of your brand? BKV’s proven Web-based marketing tool, Conduit, can help!

Conduit empowers front-line salespeople to create customized, branded promotional materials from a toolbox of approved templates. Using the latest digital asset technology, Conduit allows users to target offers and messages on ads, emails, brochures, mailers and proposals. They can even print on demand to cut costs and speed up production times – all while you protect your brand identity. Additional Conduit features include:

If Conduit only allowed customization of communications, it would still be valuable. But the fact is, its capabilities extend far beyond that level. Here’s a short list of added benefits:

Digital asset management is easier. Conduit gives field sales reps more control over offer content and timing.

List management and CRM integration is facilitated. You can quickly create, upload and segment prospect lists from CRM solutions like Salesforce.com to target those who look like your best customers.

E-marketing is enhanced. Conduit helps increase response rates with powerful email campaigns, delivered at the click of a button.

Fulfillment options are available. Users can choose print-on-demand, download materials to a desktop or email them to publications.

Reporting is automatic. Track sales and marketing activity, then generate and distribute interactive reports automatically.

Lead management is efficient. Conduit allows you to automatically distribute and manage leads generated for your sales force.

There’s nothing mysterious about Conduit. It’s just the innovative digital solution that makes local salespeople more effective. How? By leveraging their expertise to get the right message with the right offer to the right people at the right time.