CerviLenz – A B2B Social Media Case Study

By BKV in B2B on March 29th, 2011

For business-to-business marketers, social media can seem like a gamble filled with uncertainty and loose metrics – perhaps inexpensive but equally inefficient.  For Cervilenz Inc., a B2B medical device client of BKV’s, establishing a social media presence proved a valuable endeavor and helped to meet their goals of a successful brand launch.  Keep reading to learn how Cervilenz Inc. and BKV used Facebook to help introduce the CerviLenz brand to thousands of new customer prospects.





Cervilenz Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of CerviLenz®, an innovative medical device used to help obstetricians, nurse-midwives and Labor & Delivery nurses assess and monitor women with signs or symptoms of preterm labor.  In May of 2010, CerviLenz premiered to the medical community after almost two-years of research and development.  Given the high value of each prospective customer – a single hospital or medical practice could potentially have a need for hundreds of the disposable one-time-use devices each month – the Cervilenz Inc. marketing team wanted to explore inventive ways to raise awareness and interest among their exclusively business-to-business (B2B) target customers and complement their exhibitions at industry conferences and new marketing collateral.

BKV, Cervilenz Inc.’s digital and direct marketing agency partner, explored the opportunity to reach the target audience in the social space – to supplement their marketing efforts in more established online channels.  Upon researching the target audiences’ presence on various social spaces, BKV determined that Facebook had the highest evident presence, particularly within the target of nurse-midwives.  With these findings, BKV and Cervilenz Inc. proceeded to develop a successful B2B social marketing campaign that would:

  • Increase awareness among the target audience
  • Increase visits to CerviLenz.com website and requests for information
  • Increase visits to the CerviLenz booth at large industry conventions
  • Drive Facebook connections (“likes”/fans) for ongoing social communication
  • Assist in overall marketing efforts to drive new leads



In May of 2010, BKV created a CerviLenz Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CerviLenz) designed to appeal to all their audiences, but featuring elements relevant to the socially-active nurse-midwife demographic.  The default tab for new visitors to the page offers fundamental information about the device and includes calls-to-action encouraging users to “like” (connect with) the page, explore the CerviLenz website and learn about upcoming conferences. 

With the national convention for midwives only a month after the launch of the Facebook page, BKV and Cervilenz Inc. looked to drive additional foot traffic to the CerviLenz booth by:

  • Creating a Facebook event page around CerviLenz’s participation at the convention
  • Advertising the event on Facebook to over 50,000 users interested in “midwifery”
  • Incentivizing users to RSVP by awarding them entries in a drawing for special prizes being held at the CerviLenz booth

While at the convention, BKV signed up new Facebook connections (“likes”/fans) and created timely content for the CerviLenz Facebook page, such as posts, pictures and videos. After the convention, BKV and Cervilenz Inc. successfully grew the Facebook fan base using Facebook ads to promote the CerviLenz page to the midwife demographic – benefiting from the hundreds of nurse-midwives introduced to CerviLenz at the convention,

The Facebook advertising campaign around the midwives’ convention was so successful that BKV and Cervilenz Inc. repeated it for the annual convention for obstetric nurses, at which CerviLenz also exhibited. 

The most effective campaign to drive new Facebook connections came in November of 2010 when BKV and CerviLenz created a Facebook campaign around “Prematurity Awareness Month.”  The campaign offered daily tips and facts around the global crisis of prematurity and highlighted a special “giving back” initiative where Facebook users connected to CerviLenz could nominate and vote for a worthy organization to receive a donation from Cervilenz Inc. The successful campaign was promoted through Facebook ads targeted to Obstetrics and Labor & Delivery professionals and drove over 1000 new fans.

One very important learning came from the “Prematurity Awareness Month” campaign as well – CerviLenz Facebook posts on the topic of prematurity and the ground-breaking research being done to fight the prematurity epidemic repeatedly showed the highest levels of fan engagement, meaning that CerviLenz fans were commenting on, “liking”, and/or sharing prematurity-related posts with their friends more often than posts about any other subject.  As such, Cervilenz Inc. now makes a point to share this type of content throughout the year since it is content their fan-base finds relevant and valuable.



Today the CerviLenz Facebook page has over 1500 connections (“likes”/fans).  While this number will seem small in comparison to consumer-focused brand pages, it is a great accomplishment for a small single-product company with a narrow B2B audience. Since its launch, the CerviLenz Facebook presence has effectively increased awareness within the target audience, driven visits to CerviLenz.com website and acquired new connections for ongoing social communication.  Overall, the campaign is successfully assisting in efforts to drive new leads, introducing new prospective leads to the device and keeping prospective leads engaged with the brand throughout the sales cycle.

The outcome:

  • In 2010, the CerviLenz Facebook page garnered over 1500 connections and logged over 5,000 visits to the main “About” tab
  • For 2010, the Facebook page and related posts accounted for nearly 10% of the referral traffic (i.e. coming from another website) to the CerviLenz.com website, second only to Google
  • The Facebook event and advertising around driving visitors to the CerviLenz booth at the national annual midwives’ convention garnered over a million impressions (across 50,000 users interested in midwifery), 400 visits to the Facebook page and over 75 “Attending” RSVPs, approximately 2% of conference attendees
  • The Facebook advertising to the midwife demographic post-conference grew the fan-base by 400% to 300 connections
  • The Facebook advertising after the annual convention for obstetric nurses (at which CerviLenz also exhibited) increased connections by an additional 50%
  • The Facebook campaign around “Prematurity Awareness Month” targeted to obstetric professionals and promoted through Facebook ads, resulted in the growth of Facebook connections by an additional 400%, a 300% increase in daily active users (month over month) and an all-time high in monthly active users