Can Native Advertising Improve Campaign Performance?

By Amber Usmani in Digital Marketing on April 27th, 2016

Can Native Advertising Leverage Campaigns

As the digital landscape becomes more robust, several publishers are growing their native advertising capabilities to provide a seamless user experience by introducing new ad integrations that match the form and function of their site. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest already make the chunk of their advertising revenue through native, in-feed ads. These types of integrations are slowly making consumers more accustomed to native ads.

According to the IAB, there are six types of native advertising:

  1. In Feed Units — Stories that look like they are part of the news feed.
  2. Recommendation Widgets — Paid content recommendations based on what you are reading and your searches
  3. Promoted Listings — Typically products promoted on such sites as Etsy or Amazon that matches a user’s browsing
  4. In-Ad (IAB Standard) with Native Element Units — Native ads within a standard ad (300x250 or 300x600)
  5. Custom / “Can’t Be Contained” — This can be sponsored content, editorial, etc. (Sort of a catch-all category)
  6. Paid Search Units — Ads that appear in browser search results

There is no right or wrong type of native advertising, since the type that works best can depend on the advertiser and campaign objective. The two common traits of all native ads is disclosure language that indicates that the ad content is "sponsored," "promoted," etc. and that the ad formats are less disruptive.

According to a study conducted by one of the leading native advertising companies, ShareThrough, users looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads. How so? Users’ visual attention for native ads is nearly equivalent to the visual engagement of original editorial content on a site. This along with growing issues like ad fraud and ad blocking are driving more advertisers to test native ads for their campaigns.

So can native ads help leverage performance across a campaign? There are several benefits of native advertising, such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness: Native ads are in a large part a form of brand advertising and enable marketers to better use digital marketing to meet the full range of their communications needs, from branding to direct marketing.
  • Better user engagement and interaction: studies show native ads provided a 9% higher brand lift and 18% higher purchase intent than standard display.
  • Generating leads & sales: While native ads promote brand awareness, they can also be used for lead and sales generation through custom native ads, such as this example of sponsored content by Gawker Media for a computing class on Stack Social.

Whether in-feed video or promoted listings, native advertising is on the rise and offered on almost every social platform and major publication site. This growth is even changing consumer opinions on preferred types of ads used by publishers. Almost 60% of U.S. Millennials said they preferred native ads by publishers in a survey conducted in 2015 by ShareThrough. To get the most out of a campaign, it is essential to supplement ongoing tactics with ones that are proven to be on the rise and see higher response rates by consumers.

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