BKV’s “Kool” client launches campaign to donate free toothbrushes to children in need

By BKV in BKV News on November 3rd, 2011

BKV is very excited to announce...

the official launch of the Kool Smiles Facebook page!


Kool Smiles is a general dentistry provider who has donated over $12.6 million in dental services to underserved communities across the nation. Now, with the recent launch of their Facebook page, Kool Smiles is empowering every person who “likes” their efforts on Facebook by donating a free toothbrush to a child in need.

BKV is extremely honored to have the opportunity to partner with a client with such a great cause and has joined them in the rally to promote good oral health in the U.S.

Like happy smiles? Visit Facebook.com/MyKoolSmiles today and “like” the Facebook page. Your “like” means one free toothbrush for a child.

Here’s to happy smiles!