BKV Author Uses QR Codes to Promote Book Launch

By BKV in Mobile on January 9th, 2012


Jamie Turner, who helps run BKV's 60 Second Marketer...

Is also the author of a new book called "Go Mobile." The book provides a roadmap for marketers who are interested in using mobile marketing to grow their sales and revenues.

"Gartner predicts that by 2013, the number one way people will access the internet will be via mobile," said Mr. Turner. "Given that, we wanted to provide information to readers on how to build a mobile website, how to create a mobile app and how to use other mobile tools to get new customers."

As part of the promotional efforts behind the book, Mr. Turner and his co-author Jeanne Hopkins launched a website that incorporates QR codes as a way to provide clues for a nationwide scavenger hunt for four iPads hidden around the country. "We wanted to create a big splash about the book," continued Mr. Turner. "So we decided to hide four iPads along with copies of the book in locations throughout the U.S. Visitors to http://www.GoMobileBook.com will find QR codes that provide clues to where the books are hidden. There's a new clue each day until the iPads are found." 

Mr. Turner, who is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of social, mobile and digital media, is the founder of BKV's 60 Second Marketer which is a website for marketers around the globe. BKV sponsors the website which many consider an important component of BKV's awareness program.

To find clues for the iPads, visit http://www.GoMobileBook.com and scan the QR code on the page. You can also get clues via email by filling out the form on the site.