Are You a W.I.S.E. Guy?

By BKV in Direct Marketing on September 15th, 2010

WISE ManWhat do you believe BKV does? If I polled the entire organization, I'd receive a range of answers, including: marketing, direct response, creative, advertising, integrated communications, Conduit and more. They are all correct. Or you could simply say we create solutions that deliver results for our clients. As an account service representative, strategic planner, data/research junkie and wanna-be art director, the desire to provide clients with creative solutions that deliver results is strong. Experience has taught me to perpetually seek new and smarter ways to solve client problems. One finding applies the use of business and communication models to help focus information. Such models act as an organization device for collecting market data and assist in reducing the subjectivity of our craft. Models sound boring, but there is one model I'd like you to test. It is a mindset or approach to client challenges that helps me stay focused on their behalf. It is called W.I.S.E. TM W - WHAT. It is important to understand what the client wants to accomplish. Often clients don't have specific objectives in mind beyond selling more products/services or gaining market share. While these are important business goals, we must articulate specifically how we can help our clients achieve them. When we do, we get invited to play another day. I - ISSUES. As our clients' strategic partner, we must use all available data to identify the most critical issues or market facts that will help or hinder our ability to achieve the objective(s) above. This is where many business models come into play helping navigate a sea of information to identify a handful of issues. S - SOLUTIONS. Knowing the critical issues is liberating for BKV. We can start having fun developing strategies that overcome barriers and leverage positive facts. It becomes simpler to see how to combine strategies for an integrated approach. Tactical ideas (the meat of your plan) are driven by the strategies. Creatively we can't eliminate all subjectivity. But having focused the information to the most critical elements is empowering to each of our creative disciplines and to our clients. E - EVALUATION. Measuring how solutions worked is important. Measuring results provides insight on what elements were investment-worthy and what strategies/tactics we should modify. Often neglected by client budgets, fighting for evaluation is critical. Is there wisdom in this approach? It depends on how you use it. I've seen it work on everything from the simplest to the most complex challenges. Give it a try. See if you're a W.I.S.E. guy.